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Skirt with ruffles: 50 models for you to compose passionate looks

The ruffled skirt is a timeless item that can be combined in a stylish way, without losing its charm and delicacy. The different models of the piece, from miniskirts to long ones, allow it to be used on different occasions. In the rush of everyday life, just coordinate with a t-shirt and sneakers. And for an elaborate look, you can wear it with high heels and a sophisticated blouse.

If you have no idea how to combine the piece, check out 50 passionate looks with ruffled skirt and see which one suits your style best. Also learn how to make this romantic piece and add it to your wardrobe now.

ruffled miniskirt

The miniskirt is a modern item and easy to combine with other pieces. The ruffled model is delicate and you can compose comfortable looks with a t-shirt and sneakers or in a vintage style, with boots and a more chic blouse. Check out:

1. The model is delicate to compose urban looks

2. And the ruffles make the piece even more charming

3. It can be part of elegant looks, with heels

4. Or the more casual ones, with a long-sleeved crop top

5. The tweed ruffle skirt is classic

6. And leather never goes out of style!

7. As well as the black miniskirt, which is a wildcard for several productions

8. To differentiate the look, how about playing with vibrant colors?

9. Or, bet on vichy chess!

10. T-shirt + miniskirt results in a practical and modern look

11. The monochromatic look with booties is pure style!

With ruffled miniskirts you can create classic looks with the face of the 60s or bet on stylish and contemporary combinations. Which fits better on you?

Skirt with midi ruffle

The midi skirt with ruffle is a piece that is here to stay. The length is versatile, it is between the knees and the feet, pleasing different styles. Here are some inspirations on how to use the piece:

12. With the model it is possible to compose different looks

13. Of the most everyday, with jacket and t-shirt

14. Even the most social, with a neat ruffled skirt

15. For an elegant event, combine it with heels and a sophisticated blouse

16. And to enjoy a party between friends, how about a model like this?

17. The ruffled skirt at the hem is a hit

18. And the combination of vichy and red results in a vintage look

19. It’s also worth combining with booties

20. If you want a neutral look, combine the classic white and black

21. And to make it stand out, mix contrasting tones

22. Ruffles make the look even more romantic

23. This look is for enjoying a beach vacation in style

24. The model is charming, isn’t it?

The length of the skirt added to the ruffles results in stylish and original productions. Neutral colors, such as black and white, yield classic looks. Vichy plaid and prints highlight the look.

Long ruffle skirt

The long skirt is already a stylish piece by itself, with ruffles so it looks stunning! See some looks and get inspired.

25. The long ruffled skirt is the highlight of the production

26. You can wear it on a special occasion

27. Or adapt it to everyday life, coordinating with a denim jacket

28. The long skirt is super versatile, it can be combined in a summer look

29. And also in winter productions, with boots and a jacket full of attitude

30. Combining strong colors is a trend!

31. And tropical prints don’t let the look get monotonous

32. But if you’re on the discreet team, total black is a sure inspiration

The looks with a long skirt with ruffles are authentic and not basic, highlighting both everyday productions and social looks.

Skirt with denim ruffle

The ruffled denim skirt is perfect for those who don’t give up practical jeans, but want a piece to innovate their wardrobe. The ruffles take the look out of the ordinary, as well as the cutouts and different modeling of the skirt. Here’s how to combine:

33. The frills at the tip differentiate the piece from a basic miniskirt

34. Like all jeans, it’s a wild card to match with t-shirts and sneakers

35. Need a more serious look? Bet on midi + heeled sandals

36. The ruffled denim skirt fits the style of the delicate

37. And also those who love an authentic look

38. The crossed ruffle gives movement to the model

39. Combining the denim miniskirt with a t-shirt is no mistake

40. The piece yields practical productions for everyday use

For a well-behaved look, invest in midi skirts with ruffles at the hem. If you like to dare, bet on models with layers of ruffles or miniskirts.

Skirt with crossed ruffle

The crossed ruffle adds movement and fluidity to the model, taking any look from the basics. The skirt’s varied models allow it to be coordinated on different occasions. Check out:

41. The crossed ruffle highlights the production and adds fluidity to the piece

42. Just a charm, isn’t it?

43. And in looks beyond elegant

44. The crossed ruffle can be discreet

45. Or in layers, giving volume to the skirt

46. ​​To enjoy a sunny day, how about a combination like this?

47. In mid-season, just throw a sweatshirt over it

48. The leather jacket + booties make the look authentic

49. For a party, you can bet on the nude look

As you have seen, the ruffled skirt suits different types of bodies without you having to give up your style, be it classic and discreet or modern and full of originality.

Make your own ruffled skirt

If you fell in love with one of the inspirations, know that you can make a ruffled skirt yourself. Check out 4 videos on how to make different models of the piece:

Skirt with ruffles midi – Easy sewing

With this video we learn how to make a midi skirt with ruffles. The piece has 5 parts: front and back, two ruffles and a third rectangle to support them. The finishing is done with elastic.

Skirt with crossed ruffle

See the complete step-by-step guide on how to make a ruffled skirt. You will need approximately 2 meters of tricoline fabric, with the pattern you prefer. The mold can be made directly on the fabric and the result is a stylish piece!

Skirt with ruffles made from a dress shirt

This video teaches us how to turn a dress shirt into a ruffled skirt. It’s simple and with strategic cuts and whimsical finishing, you have a brand new piece.

Skirt with a ruffle

This model is tight to the height of the thigh when it opens with the ruffle on the hem of the skirt. The fabric used is two way, with some elasticity, and for the finishing, you will need a zipper. Check out the full step by step.

Although the tutorials ask for a sewing machine, the ruffled skirt models are simple to make and have a professional finish.

Convinced that this piece has to be already in your wardrobe? And if you love stylish looks, check out inspirations with a high-waisted denim skirt.

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