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11 inspiring lesbian shows to feel represented

Looking for lesbian series to watch this National Lesbian Visibility Day? Below, you can see a list of narratives that tell love stories with a realistic approach and without stereotypes. There are options for different genres such as drama and comedy. Check it out:

1. Generation (2021)

This is a teen series in which young people deal with various dilemmas, such as relationships, early pregnancy and family repression. One of the characters, Greta, falls in love with a classmate.

2. Feel Good (2020)

Mae Martin is a Canadian comedian who moved to London. In addition to adapting to the new routine, she also has to deal with alcoholism and addiction to other drugs. During all this turmoil, Mae starts dating and strives to have a healthy relationship.

3. Your Eyes (2020)

Inspired by real events, Seus Olhos is a Brazilian series written and directed by women. The narrative presents the intense relationship between Lia and Veronica. Amid the questions and discoveries, it is possible to get emotional with some scenes and guarantee good laughs with others.

4. The L Word: Generation Q (2019)

Ten years after The L Word, the lesbian series that marked generations, fans got a sequel with Generation Q. Friends Bette Porter, Alice Pieszecki and Shane McCutcheon live in Los Angeles and deal with various challenges, both in their love and professional lives.

5. Euphoria (2019)

A great success, Euphoria is a series that follows a group of teenagers dealing with various delicate situations, including chemical dependency and domestic violence. However, in the drama, there is also room for intense passions, such as Rue and Jules.

6. Thieves (2019)

This series is a Netflix original and has a narrative that revolves around Elodie, Tabitha and Moe, three teenagers who approach in anonymous meetings of kleptomaniacs. Lesbian representation and female protagonism are two outstanding features of this production.

7. Gentleman Jack (2019)

The protagonist of this series, set in the 19th century, Anne Lister, was a woman ahead of her time. With business skills, she was recognized as a great entrepreneur at a time when women were only responsible for the home. Defender of same-sex marriage, she lived great loves with women.

8. One Day at a Time (2017)

This sitcom follows the family of Penelope, a recently divorced mother, who raises her children with the help of her grandmother and a friend. Elena, one of the daughters, goes through the process of accepting her sexuality and still has to deal with her family’s conservative behavior.

9. Sense8 (2015)

In this series, created by the Wachowiski sisters of The Matrix, a group of strangers share a connection and suffer persecution because of each other’s special abilities. Nomi, a political activist and hacker, is transgender and lesbian. Throughout the mysterious plot, it is also possible to see her relationship with her girlfriend, Amanita.

10. Orange is the New Black (2013)

Inspired by the true story of Piper Chapman, this series narrates an excerpt from the protagonist’s life, who needs to serve 15 months of seclusion. She was arrested after getting involved in drug trafficking to help ex-girlfriend Alex. What Piper didn’t expect was to find Alex in prison.

11. Glee (2009)

To close the list, another series that takes place in the teen universe. Here, a group of students is part of the school’s choir. In addition to the lesbian representation, this is a good choice for those who like musicals.

After this selection of lesbian series, just pop the popcorn and marathon! And if you want more options than what to watch, check out a list of LGBTQ+ movies to add to your catalogue.

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