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Sunflower bouquet: 30 reasons to use this beautiful flower at your wedding

In addition to being one of the most beautiful flowers, the sunflower represents hope, light, happiness and all that is good. It is no wonder that many brides choose the sunflower bouquet for their big day: it becomes a great good luck charm. Want to know if this is the best choice for your wedding? Then check out our tips!

30 sunflower bouquet pictures that will delight your heart

It can be natural, artificial, with roses or other flowers… Anyway, the sunflower bouquet is wonderful. Check out the photos below and see why this is a great option for your big day!

1. Sunflower is one of the most beautiful and charming flowers

2. And it has a very beautiful and intense meaning

3. No wonder it is a perfect choice for a bouquet

4. How about making a combination with other flowers?

5. The combination of yellow and white is incredible

6. And very delicate!

7. The sunflower bouquet with red roses is breathtaking

8. In fact, pinks of all colors are great choices!

9. Natural flowers make the bouquet even more beautiful

10. And full of life!

11. But artificial sunflower also yields a wonderful result

12. The “little mosquitoes” give a special touch to the bouquet

13. They leave the entire composition very delicately

14. And they give a natural touch to everything

15. As in this beautiful example!

16. Prefer something brightly colored

17. Or something more discreet?

18. Sunflower can be used by the bride and groom too!

19. Who knew yellow and purple would make such a perfect combination!

20. And the sunflower bouquet with daisies?

21. It looks amazing, doesn’t it?

22. The composition possibilities are endless

23. From the most extravagant

24. Even the most classic

25. But one thing is certain:

26. Regardless of your style

27. The sunflower bouquet will give a special touch to your wedding

28. Bringing a lot of lightness

29. Beauty

30. And joy!

One option more beautiful than the other, isn’t it? You can enjoy the beauty of the sunflower and also use it to decorate your entire wedding, giving more joy to your special day!

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How to make and care for your sunflower bouquet

It may seem like a daunting task, but making a sunflower bouquet is quite simple. Check out the step-by-step guide below to make your own!

  • Separate the sunflowers and flowers of your choice – without cutting their stems;
  • Prepare them by removing the leaves if you don’t want them in your bouquet;
  • Group the flowers calmly, preferably in small groups;
  • Tie the stems of each group of flowers with the floral wire – it is suitable for this type of work and looks beautiful;
  • Join all the flower clusters together and again tie them with floral wire;
  • Cut the flower cords so that they are no more than 20 cm long;
  • Finish with ribbons, fabrics, stones and other materials of your choice. You can use hot glue to help you with this process;
  • To take care of your sunflower bouquet until the time of the wedding, place it in a container with a little water.

See how easy it is? Sunflower bouquets are the perfect choice for outdoor weddings. Learn how to organize your big day so that you have lots of freedom, beauty and nature!

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