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11 facts that short girls understand better than anyone

From boring nicknames to perrengues between supermarket shelves, sometimes being a person of short stature is not an easy task. You need to have a wit to get over some mishaps and face people head on – even if it’s with your eyes at the level of other people’s nipples.

Are you on the shorts team? So check out the list below and see if you identify with the items we have selected. And if you are a tall person, see the situations that are common in everyday life for those who are a few heads below you and have more patience with friends who walk slower than you – for reasons of “shorter” legs.

1. It’s not always easy to find clothes that fit right

Cast the first stone if you never bought a blouse that completely covered your hands or pants that dragged on the floor with every step… Apart from the midis skirts that became maxis and the minis that ended up becoming midis…

2. Taking new pieces to the seamstress is practically routine

Whether it’s to adjust the shoulders, waist or hem, have you ever taken a piece of clothing to make adjustments. Or you ventured out with threads and needles at home and solved the problem yourself.

3. Confess: You can often shop in the children’s section

In addition to the size being just right, the kids’ clothes have some super fun prints! Lucky you.

4. You have possibly already earned nicknames about short stature

And when nicknames aren’t pejorative, they turn your name into a diminutive one. Bianca automatically becomes Bianquinha, for example. Better than “garden dwarf”, right?

5. And had to walk faster to keep up with friends

Each step of a tall friend is equivalent to about 3 steps of a short person. Take breath to keep up with this rhythm!

6. Who here never needed to ask for help to get something?

Sometimes reaching for a packet of toilet paper on the supermarket shelf turns into an Everest expedition…

7. Or did you have difficulty seeing yourself in a bathroom mirror?

Instead of seeing the whole look, having to see only your forehead or half of your face is a reality.

8. Going to concerts is often the torment for the little ones

You’re either the person who gets on someone’s shoulders, or the person who gets really buried in a dumpling of bigger people.

9. Even in the classroom, sitting right at the front was the best way out

And it’s not even because of being a very studious person or not, it was simply to be able to see what the teacher was writing without having other heads in the way.

10. No matter how much time passes, they will always think you are younger than you are

People often make a surprised face when you reveal that yes, you are over 16 years old.

11. But when you meet other short girls like you, it’s just joy

It’s so nice to find someone who understands exactly the things you go through…

Small people, big problems? Put in the comments if you identified with this list – or if you usually go through a situation that was not mentioned here. And don’t forget to share the pride of being just the way you are!

Nicole Dias

Graduated and postgraduated in journalism, she ended up becoming a publicist by profession. Gaucho, blogger, passionate about life. Good with a fork, singer in the shower, great storyteller, terrible joke teller. She reads a lot, talks a lot, watches more Netflix than she should.

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