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Chess: the pattern that goes well in any season

Plaid has become a classic print. Regardless of the season, it is always present in the most varied styles, in all the pieces and in its different types of stamping. The history of chess is always associated with the Scots and their quilts, according to fashion and image consultant Karla Alves. However, there are indications that the pattern was used long before the 18th century, when the Scots began to use chess.

“Through discoveries made by archaeologists, they identified patterns on the clothes of victims found in excavations, which were produced with crossed wool yarns”, details Karla. These discoveries indicated that the Celtic people were already using chess in their pieces. “And incredible as it may seem, due to the lack of technology in antiquity, the clothes of the Celts were colorful and well adorned. They say it is influenced by the many colors used in India”, adds the consultant.

The tip for using the print and never making a mistake in the combination is to always use the color that least appears in the plaid on the plain piece that will complete the look. Today, we have pants and shirts as the pieces that are most used in print.

In order not to miss the proportions, the tip that Karla gives is that the checkered print always visually expands the proportions, so prefer to use it on the part of the body that you want to highlight.

How to assemble looks with chess

Chess is very democratic and, although it is still very much associated with winter, it has been gaining ground in the hottest seasons of the year. According to the fashion and image consultant, Karla Alves, the print is also very adaptable and goes well in many environments. On more formal occasions, it should be avoided, only being advisable if it is a suit with classic plaid.

Karla suggests that, for everyday life, plaid is used in a comfortable look, combining flared jeans with a black tank top and a blazer with the print. It is also worth complementing the look with a sneaker and a medium-sized bag, ideal for daily carrying.

Another look option given by the consultant is indicated to use in a night event, such as a nightclub or a bar. Checkered skirt, sparkly tank top and leather jacket form an ideal set for these occasions. Heels and red lipstick help to enhance the look.

To create a very casual look, ideal to wear on a Sunday, nothing better than a pair of denim shorts and a plaid shirt. Complement it with a hat, t-shirt and booties.

Tips for using chess

The plaid print is not difficult to match, knowing how to coordinate the colors, even with another print, chess goes well. Karla recommends using the print even at work. “Remembering that the most discreet colors are recommended for this environment.”

Accessories help complete the look and make it more chic. Necklaces and scarves are the indications of the consultant Karla. The maxi necklace can be an important ally to enhance the look. Heels and good makeup turn the look into ideas for nighttime occasions.

The tip for using plaid in the summer is to invest in the print in shorts, skirts and Bermuda shorts. It is also worth choosing pieces with chess in lighter colors. The variety of prints offered by the market makes it possible to use chess on any occasion.

Where can I find a chess piece?

Below, a selection of products with the plaid print to facilitate the search for the piece you want.

Bloggers also use

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