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11 bombocado recipes that will sweeten your day

Have you ever noticed that it’s just a friend telling you that she’s going to stop by your house that already beats that despair when thinking about what she’s going to serve, what she’s going to buy at the bakery, will she like it…

This is absolutely understandable, because when we like a person, we want them to feel good in our company and comfortable in our home. To make this “process” easier, nothing better than a good homemade cake to show all our care and affection, do you agree?!

For this reason, check out delicious recipes for bombocados, dumplings traditionally made with eggs and coconut, but which have already won many other versions and will surely please your guests:

Traditional Bombocado recipes

1. Classic Bombocado: easy and delicious, this recipe is ideal for those days when we are having visitors for a late afternoon coffee. It only takes condensed milk, grated coconut and a yolk.

2. Easy Bombocado: here, thanks to the addition of milk that some recipes don’t have, the sweet has a consistency similar to that of a pudding, in addition to being softer.

3. Blender Bombocado: You know those super-practical recipes in which you blend the ingredients in the blender, put the mixture on to bake and that’s it? This is it! And it’s very delicious!

4. Creamy Bombocado: after baking, you can clearly visualize the cream and cake layer of this bombocado. It’s beautiful and very soft!

5. Bombocado de cornmeal with coconut: this bombocado, which has a little cornmeal in its recipe, is delicious and brings a little of that childhood flavor, of grandma’s cake.

6. Bombocado de Milharina: creaminess is the word that comes to mind when we see the result of this recipe. If you like that sweet and moist cake, you need to try this one!

Different dumplings recipes

7. Gluten-free cornmeal bombocado: this is a vegan recipe, with no added fat and no gluten. It looks beautiful, fluffy and very tasty, making every bite worth it!

8. Green corn bombocado: do you love delicacies made with corn? Then you will love this recipe, which is simply wonderful, easy and has a flavor similar to pamonha.

9. Lactose-free yogurt bombocado: you know those very easy and flavorful recipes that you can make in the microwave? This is one of them – worth a try!

10. Cassava bombocado with guava paste: this is a bombocado reminiscent of grandma’s food, full of affection, flavor and a good dose of guava paste! It makes the eyes shine.

11. Bombocado low carb: Delicious and low carb, is there a better combination than this? This bombocado looks like a quindim – delicious!

After so many delicious and super easy recipes to make, how about preparing the one you liked the most, making a special coffee and inviting your friends to catch up?

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