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10 Tattoos You Should Think About Before Getting

Tattoos are permanent marks on the skin and even though the resources to remove them are increasingly advanced, they are expensive and require time and dedication. Therefore, it is very important that you think carefully before deciding to get a tattoo and that the choice of design or phrase is done without haste. By taking these precautions, you will be less likely to regret what you did after a while.

According to tattoo artist Kleber Martins from Mister Tattoo studio, name tattoos (boyfriends or couples) are certainly among the most sought after to cover, and the reason is quite obvious, the end of the relationship.

“However, the number of wrong tattoos has grown a lot, that’s right, wrong designs. I notice this a lot in Irezumi, popularly known as oriental tattoo, which has become very popular here in Brazil. This style has many peculiar characteristics that need to be preserved and if you run away from these “rules” for sure the end result will be bad. The most common example is the phoenix, I see many phoenix tattoos that look more like parrots or chickens, this is the result of a lack of study and good style references” warns the professional.

Another problem cited by the tattoo artist is the tattoos done when you are very young. “I’m not just referring to teenagers, the preferences of a person aged 18 are not the same as the preferences of the same person aged 30, so the likelihood of regret is also high in this case,” he adds.

Tattoos made just to feel part of a group or tribe can also cause regret in the future as they were only made to fit a category and not willingly. Finally, those tattoos that are “fashionable” and that everyone does can also generate a certain discomfort when they become too common and the person may end up wanting to cover it up too.

Considering all these factors, it is clear that it is essential to think twice before getting a tattoo and choose a design that really has meaning in your life. And to avoid the most disastrous choices, check out this list of the tattoos that can bring you the most regret.

1. Tattoo of couple or boyfriend’s name

As much as we want relationships to last forever, it’s impossible to have a guarantee that it will never end. And even if the possibility of an end is very remote, it exists, it will always exist. So it’s good to be careful before you carve his name permanently into your skin.

Alternative: to represent your love for someone, instead of writing the person’s name, tattoo a heart or some symbol that represents the couple. It will be easier to live with this if the romance ends.

2. Names of artists, bands and celebrities

Our tastes and preferences tend to change over the years and our experiences in life. Will your love for a certain band or a famous person really be so eternal that it is necessary to tattoo your name?

Alternative: Tattoo a line from a song by this artist or a quote from the celebrity, as long as it’s something that really has some representation in your life, something you probably won’t regret.

3. Symbols of other cultures, societies or religions

When we choose a symbol of a culture that we don’t know, the chance of making a mistake is great, especially when it comes to more unknown cultures and religions and for which it is difficult to find really reliable references.

Alternative: Get a better-known symbol with a clear and more popular meaning tattooed, such as the infinity symbol or the peace symbol.

4. Phrases in languages ​​you don’t speak

Another typical common mistake of those who get tattoos without researching well beforehand. If you don’t speak the language of the phrase you want to tattoo, the chance of making a mistake starts there. Only tattoo if you have someone you trust that you know to verify that the phrase is correct, that the spelling is correct, and that the meaning really is what you want to express.

Alternative: Tattoo a phrase in the language you want it to be best known for. As much as you get a more cliché tattoo, at least you will have more ways to know what it means and what is really right, eg “Carpe Diem” in Latin.

5. Drug references

As much as you today think it’s cool to tattoo a reference to marijuana or other drugs, legal or not, the chance that you, in the future, find it abominable, is great! Caution. In addition to this factor, tattooing something related to drugs can get in the way of your professional life.

Alternative: Instead of tattooing a marijuana leaf, tattoo a food you like.

6. Sexual references

When we are teenagers or very young, it is common to feel the urge to tattoo images related to sex in order to be funny, but over time, this type of tattoo can have the bitter taste of regret.

Alternative: If you are very keen on tattooing something related to sex, perhaps an alternative is to draw something small and in an inconspicuous place on the body.

7. Portraits

This is the type of tattoo where very often the image gets scary and ends up having nothing to do with the tattooed person’s face. The features don’t always look as natural as you’d think they would.

Alternative: if you want to honor your child, mother or father with a tattoo, it is best to write the name or draw something that reminds you of that dear person. If you want to honor a boyfriend or husband, go back a few items and read number 1 again.

8. “Fashion” Tattoos

Tattoos are almost like the fashion of the catwalks, in each season, some designs become a trend and a lot of people end up doing it just because it’s “high”. It’s worth remembering that a tattoo is forever and that when the fashion passes, you may find the design a little ridiculous if it doesn’t have any personal meaning.

Alternative: Draw or write on the tattoo something that has marked your life, an important moment, a quote you like, in short, something with meaning instead of something that is just in fashion.

9. Brand logos

This is definitely an idea you will probably regret. 30, 60 years from now, will you still think it’s cool or funny to have the Chanel coat of arms tattooed on the back of your neck or the McDonalds symbol on your arm?

Alternative: Rethink your tattoo. Are you sure you need to tattoo a mark on your body?

10. Tattoos on hands, neck or face

Tattoos in places that are always visible can not only tire, but also cause problems in very formal or traditional jobs, where clients and/or co-workers have the wrong view of tattoos. But, if you believe you won’t get tired of seeing these tattoos, go for it. But remember that, on the face, for example, it will not be so easy to cover a design with a bigger one if you regret it. The end result can look weird. So think carefully before you do.

Alternative: to avoid getting sick of seeing your tattoo every day at all times, opt for more hidden places on the body, such as the ribs, back, back of the neck.

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