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10 benefits of being single

Are you single. You and a lot of other women who, despite having a million qualities, can’t – or don’t want – to get involved with anyone, at least for now. Contrary to what society as a whole likes to make you believe, not having a boyfriend or husband is not the end of the world and it can actually be very good for you to get to know yourself better, enjoy your friends and dedicate yourself the things you like to do, for example.

1 – Single, you have more time for your friends

You know that outing to a bar just with the ladies, that you always put off when you’re engaged? Well, she is greatly missed and it is important to keep friends close, catch up on gossip and disconnect a little from the problems of work, college, family. When you’re single it’s much easier to tag your favorites and have a women’s night out.

2 – Single, you can rediscover how beautiful you are

After some time in the relationship, the tendency is for your partner to decrease the frequency with which he says how hot you are. Single women don’t have this problem, because they dress up more and are always around, ready to hear new compliments. You don’t even have to go out with half the world, just the fact of feeling “alive” is enough for your self-esteem to skyrocket.

3 – Single, you can go wherever you want

Not that a relationship prevents you from going to the places you like, but it limits you. You have to find a program that pleases both of you and, many times, you will have to give in to the wishes of the loved one.

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Single, you’re free to just do what you feel like, when you feel like it – and that includes staying at home on Saturday night, eating brigadeiro with a spoon, without having to explain why you don’t want to go out.

4 – Single, you can change the direction of your life when you feel like it

In a relationship, you always need to think about the couple’s priorities, the couple’s future, the couple’s savings, in short, you need to think about both, whatever the subject. Single, you can change jobs, house, city and even country if you want, without worrying about someone else. This can be paramount to taking the reins of your life and fulfilling your dreams.

5 – Single, you can have as many friends as you want

Boyfriends are jealous of friends, boyfriends don’t usually believe that you don’t want anything to do with the guy, boyfriends are often right about that, but that doesn’t mean you don’t mind it. Your male friends, whether or not “colorful”, can live freely with you when you’re single, without there being scandals or annoying jealousy because of it. Single, her friends are no longer a problem and become what they should be: company for fun.

6 – Single, you can better decide what to spend your money on

Isn’t it annoying having to answer because you bought a slightly more expensive bag or a shoe similar to one you already had? Singleness frees you from these financial frictions. You spend – or rather, invest – in what you want, when you want, and you don’t have to explain yourself.

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7 – Single, you can wear whatever you want

Of course, nowadays it’s almost absurd for a guy to want to have an opinion on the clothes you wear, but that happens more often than you might think. Anyone who has ever had a boyfriend teasing about the size of the dress knows how cool it is to be able to wear whatever clothes you want, without arguing or feeling bad.

8 – Single, you can free yourself from jealousy and neurosis

For those who are worried about their boyfriend’s friends, being single is a very liberating experience, because it excludes this kind of worry from their daily lives. As there is no reason to think about what the other is doing, you can better dedicate yourself to yourself.

9 – Single, you can better understand your own needs and preferences

The more time you spend alone, the more deeply you will get to know yourself. Knowing what you like, what you don’t like and discovering every detail of your personality is essential for a balanced life and does immeasurable good.

10 – Single, you can meet – finally – that guy who is really worth it

Being single is being able to flirt with whoever you want and meet a lot of nice guys – others not so much – before deciding who deserves your dedication and love. The more people you meet before you get attached to someone, the greater the chances of choosing a partner who really has everything to do with you.

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