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Your weekly vegan menu for the month of July

The months of summer, vacation and travel by excellence. Although this year tourism and social relations are going to be a little different, it is still a very hot month, with long days, ideal for outdoor activities. One of our concerns should be be well hydrated.

The July menu that I propose is full of foods that hydrate you.

You can download your weekly seasonal menu here.

Weekly menu with seasonal foods for the month of July

If we want to be well hydrated, it is important eliminate sugary drinks and alcohol from day to day, especially the latter, which does not provide us with hydration and is also not healthy at all. We have many more options than we imagine. Not just drinks, but also food: salads, fruits and cold soups also quench our thirst.

To drink, besides the water, which has to be our reference option, we have many alternatives to sugary drinks, such as lemon juice, natural lemonade, cold teas and infused waters.

In any case, remember that, no matter how hot and thirsty you are, it is not highly recommended that the drinks we drink are excessively cold. Also don’t forget that slightly hot drinks help us regulate the sensation of heatso drinking green tea or an infusion is still a good idea.

In addition, we continue in the gazpacho season, which you can flavor with different fruits and vegetables, adding seeds to enrich them with nutrients and giving variety to a very popular dish in summer. He Salmorejohe White garlic and the cold tomato, watermelon and melon soups They are also great options to accompany any meal, refresh and nourish us.

The fruits that we should not miss They are undoubtedly the bone ones, like the peachthe nectarines waves plumshe melon and the lemon pear. And without forgetting that the season of blueberrieswhich we can add to our breakfasts and snacks, but also to our salads.

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Even if we fancy light meals, let’s remember that it may be a time when the weather and long days invite us to do much more physical activity. Especially if we have days off or vacations and we decide to spend them in nature, which gives us the opportunity to do sports in the open air.

In fact, it is usual that if we visit an unknown city we walk much more than normal. Have you ever counted your steps when you are a tourist? You will be surprised to see that it is an activity that also wears you out, even if we do not pay attention because we are absorbed in discovering the place.

So it is It is also important that we remember to include protein-dense foods and also very energetic foods if this is our case, to be able to replenish batteries.

Finally, remember to pack the B12 supplement if you have a vegetable diet.

Let’s go now with the menu:

Breakfast and snacks

Choose the options that you like the most and change them throughout the week:

vegetable yogurt sugar free with homemade granola Chickpea cake with cocoa Seed bread slice with tahinihummus sandwich with laminated tomato and olive pateOvernight oats: Extra fine oat flakes with vegetable drink, almonds and blueberries, made the night before and kept in the fridge.

And to drink with breakfast:

Watermelon Mint SmoothieFresh non-dairy milk shake with raw cocoa and turmericFrappé (ice-cold non-dairy milk coffee that can be made in a shaker or slushie style with the blender)

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Meal: Watermelon gazpacho and chickpea pilafDinner: Tofu, broccoli, onion and carrot in the wok. Option 2: Melon with grilled smoked tofu with tamari



Meal: Coleslaw salad with purple cabbage and chickpea burger.Dinner: Mini pizzas with tofu base. Option 2: Vichyssoise and grilled tofu or tempeh


Meal: Zucchini carpaccio with raspberry vinaigrette and oat seitan and rice. Option 2: Gazpacho or beetroot salad and vegan paella with smoked tofu.Dinner: Summer salad based on tomato, lettuce and onion, adding pickles, nuts, olives and cooked legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans) with a touch of lemon juice and olive oil.


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