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Why intuitive eating is more beneficial than other diets

So-called intuitive eating is not like any diet. He considers nutritional limitations as ineffective and harmful measures when it comes to losing weight. And it takes into account only the body’s own signals – that’s why, by the way, it’s called ‘intuitive’. Brigham Young University Professor of Health Sciences (USA) Steve Hawks lost more than 20 kilos based on these principles.

O awesome.club compiled the basic rules and advantages of this system, which allows you to take care of your weight by listening only to the signals of your own body.

But, before adopting any diet, always remember to consult your doctor.

Principle 1: Give up all diets

According to Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, authors of the book Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works, just understand that all diets are ineffective and believe that, in the world, there are no diets that fit and are really better for your body. body.

The aim is to relinquish any external control of food. Only the internal remains: your own sense of hunger.

Principle 2: Attend to your sense of hunger

Following this principle, it is necessary to start eating at the first, barely noticeable signs of hunger. It is not worth waiting until the sensation becomes excessive. After all, long-term fasting often leads to overeating.

It’s important to establish a friendly “relationship” with food and get used to eating just to satisfy hunger.

Principle 3: Learn to recognize the feeling of fullness

It’s important to listen to your body while eating and stop at the right time. The feeling of satisfaction should be something comfortable, the stomach should not be completely full.

To hear this signal accurately, you can try to stop while eating, with food still on your plate. Even if you are visiting and the leftover food has to be discarded – if this is the case, explain to your host that you are on a diet. And, of course, try to leave as little food as possible. Waste, even on a diet, is not good for the environment.

Principle 4: Stop controlling your menu

Stop berating yourself for eating sweets or praising yourself for eating your allotted calories.

Forget all the common attitudes of a diet with “low calorie”, “harmful”, “healthy” foods, among other types. It is necessary to understand that food is not the enemy, it gives us energy and satisfies our appetite.

Of all the criteria when choosing a dish, just eat what you feel like right at that moment. And every time you choose food, base yourself on that exact criterion.

Principle 5: Become food-friendly

Do not be afraid of food and do not consider it an enemy, to achieve a slim figure. Allow yourself to eat whatever you want.

The forbidden fruit is always attractive. If for a long time you forbid yourself to eat something, over time this prohibition will turn into an uncontrollable craving. And as a result, the breakdown is inevitable, as well as overeating or eagerly pounce on this forbidden product.

Principle 6: Enjoy food

It is important to learn to appreciate delicious dishes and exquisite products. Note the beautiful presentation and appearance of the food. Learn to consciously appreciate the aroma and flavor of each serving.

When you eat what you like, the pleasure of food increases a lot and the feeling of satiety occurs sooner.

Principle 7: Don’t take stress out on food

Many overweight people, hoping to get rid of their daily worries, “reward” themselves with delicious treats. However, overeating will not solve existing difficulties.

Don’t solve your emotional problems with the help of food. Find other ways to cheer yourself up or reward yourself. Walk through the park, watch a comedy, look for the little pleasures in life outside of food.

Principle 8: Accept your body as it is

For people who want to lose weight, this is perhaps the most difficult part of this methodology. In short, every day we are under the influence of a flow of information that fixes in our minds what the standards of the perfect body are.

It’s important to learn to talk about your body without criticizing or hating yourself, accepting it as it is and respecting it. It is impossible to give up diets if you are overly unhappy with your body. Love him sincerely, then you will want to take care of him and improve him.

Principle 9: Choose a physical activity you enjoy

In the intuitive eating approach, it is important to stop perceiving physical exercises as a way to combat excess weight and to start seeing them as a source of pleasure. First of all, physical activity is for recharging your batteries and putting you in a good mood, not for burning fat. Therefore, choose an activity that is not burdensome or boring: from dancing, cleaning the house or even walking in the park. Everyone finds their own and what works for one is not necessarily good for others.

There’s no need to go to the gym if you have to force yourself to train and, even worse, berate yourself for skipping a few workouts. Coercion always causes hatred and disgust. The movement must bring good things, only then can it become fully effective.

Principle 10: Respect your health

The essence of this rule lies in elementary care for your body. You don’t have to follow an ideal diet to be healthy. The only thing that matters is what you eat over a long period of time.

Choose those products that provide benefits to your body and, at the same time, are pleasant to the taste. There are a wide range of varied foods with these characteristics.

What did you think of this method? Write in the comments if you’d like to try it and what other systems have worked for you to feel good about your body.

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