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Why do I wake up tired?

I wake up tired when I get out of bed. There are many people who report this every day. That is why today we wanted to pay special attention to this phrase.

Why do I wake up tired when I get out of bed? Sleep is a physiological state of periodic and reversible rest, which is characterized by a reduction in consciousness, motor activity and sensory reactivity.

It is an important phenomenon of human behavior that provides physical and emotional restoration, energy saving and consolidation of memories stored during wakefulness.

Sleep is not a passive situation, but an active state in which changes in bodily functions and mental activities take place of enormous importance for the psychological and physical balance of human beings.

If I wake up tired, it is likely that I did not sleep well and this can cause different disorders.such as difficulty concentrating and memory, decreased performance, fatigue and changes in character.

As for the psychological and physiological benefits of sleep, they have rarely been expressed as eloquently as in the words of Tristans Shendy: “This is the refuge of the unfortunate, the liberation of the prisoner, the soft lap of the hopeless, the exhausted, the afflicted, of all the pleasant and delicious functions of nature, this is the first and principal; what happiness descends upon man, when the anxieties and passions of the day are over“.

“I don’t know if I can’t sleep because I’m trying to remember, or if I’m having a hard time remembering because I can’t sleep.”

-Herta Müller-

I wake up tired, even though I have slept more than 8 hours

Tiredness, fatigue and sleep are a very common complaint in adolescence. Up to 70% of teenagers say they are too sleepy and tired during the day. Most of the time this is due to a chronic lack of sleep, poor sleep “hygiene”, excessive daily activity and stress factors. Sometimes, it can also be due to medical or psychological reasons.

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So, when I routinely wake up tired, the best thing I can do is sleep hygiene.. Sleep hygiene may be an appropriate way to improve sleep profiles and therefore its quality. We talk about sleep hygiene as a set of behaviors, environmental conditions and other factors related to sleep that can be regulated in order to achieve good behavior with respect to sleep.

“Sleeping is no small art: to do so, you need to stay awake all day”


Why do I wake up tired when I get out of bed?

I wake up tired when I get out of bed. We have probably heard or heard this phrase in our daily lives, in the people around us or we may have even uttered it ourselves. There are many people who refer it every day.

The reasons why sleeping is not synonymous with rest can be very diverse.. In this way, poor sleep quality is not the consequence of a sleep disorder; Although possibilities should not be ruled out, it is most likely that it happens due to bad habits established. Here we are going to expose some of the causes:

Alterations in sleep cycles. Complete sleep consists of 5 phases, each of them necessary to complete a restful sleep cycle. If the cycle is interrupted during the course of the night, for example, if we are prone to waking up or in people with sleep apnea, the sleep cycle will begin again. Most likely it will not be completed. By the time our alarm goes off we will not have had enough time to complete the 5 phases of a restful sleep.daytime stress. We cannot detach ourselves so easily from what happens to us during the day. Sometimes being able to disconnect and try to rest the mind becomes a challenge for many people. Work, family or relationship concerns never stop running through your head and affect your ability to sleep well.Feeding. The abuse of alcoholic beverages or a diet based on fatty foods, with high sugar content, affect rest. This is because these types of substances depress the production of melatonin. Melatonin, which is produced during the night and is responsible for controlling sleep cycles, is essential for getting a good rest.What do you do before going to bed? Being with the television on or with the mobile phone, just before going to sleep, is not a good idea. The cell phone, for example, emits radiation that influences the brain waves that are secreted during sleep and this affects us to the point of not waking up rested.

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So, if you have problems when sleeping, we recommend that you review these four points. The idea is that they help you implement simple measures that will most likely help improve your rest.

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