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What it means to be a mother

Being a mother means having a reason for being for the rest of your life…

Being a mother doesn’t just mean changing diapers, warming bottles or fighting over purees. That is only the beginning, the moment when a mother realizes that she is capable of doing anything for a world to which she has given her life. That world is that child in which there are millions of illusions…

Being a mother means changing your life, your time and your way of thinking for your children. It means giving all your heart and giving your strength every day to bring your children forward and teach them how to live.

It means having a reason for being for the rest of your life. Wanting to take advantage and make the most of every moment. Having mixed feelings when watching your children grow, feeling joy and nostalgia as they take giant steps through life.

The sincere love of a mother

If there is a love that we can call true, it is the sincere love of a mother., a love that is eternal and infinite. In reality, being a mother means following in the footsteps of little teachers, your children, until they grow up. By simply existing and without knowing it, children teach them to love unconditionally.

Being a mother means never again being alone in thought, because A mother always thinks twice: for her children and for herself. A mother feels tremendously lucky because she knows that her children are the greatest treasure she could have.

Motherhood does not mean always smiling, but also crying profusely.. She requires many sleepless nights melting the pillow into a suffocating embrace. It means endless worries; hours of running after their children; days, months and years inventing hundreds of ways to camouflage vegetables and fish; put up with fights and tolerate with all the patience in the world the infinity of nonsense that life has.

«No language can express the power, beauty and heroism of a mother’s love»

-Edwin Chapin-

What a mother does for her children

It hurts a mother more than anyone else. say NO to your childrenchallenge them, measure their strength, see them fall, abandon their dreams or waste their abilities… But he knows the importance of limits and wants his children to learn them.

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A mother cannot live for her children but she does try to share as much as possible with them.. For this reason, a mother tries every day to sew huge, light wings that allow her children to fly very, very high.

A mother wants everything to go well for her children in life, but she also wants there to be storms and learn to sail on the high seas. He knows that his children have to walk hand in hand with their demonsfree yourself from burdens and stumble over the same stone a thousand times.

They see the defects in their children better than anyone, however, they accept them and never hide them. They know if their children are not well just by looking at them, since mothers are the most expert emotion detectors.

Being a mother means…

Becoming a mother means:

Being wrong a lot but wanting to be right. It means making agonizing decisions when you don’t even know what the right decision is. Being a mother means that you are bound and bound to the well-being of another soul until you breathe your last breath. Trusting yourself to know how to do things you may not know how to do, how to do things you may never have heard of. Let the panic , worry and stress will break you down. It also means that you will be happy again with sweet smiles, soft little hands and the warmest hugs. Getting dirty, being tested and, above all, realizing that love for a child can expand beyond any type of obstacle. Teach your child important rules and roles for life, from being an empathetic human being to learning to be responsible for their actions.

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A mother’s sacrifice

Mothers also experience their guilt with the greatest known terror. Feeling guilty and responsible for the problems of the person you love most in this world is tremendously painful.. That’s why a mother carries too much baggage on her back. Perhaps this is a heroic act, but above all it is generous.

Probably, sacrificing her goals, her aspirations or her life for her children does not make a mother brave, but it does make her the most tenacious and generous person in the world. The nights when her children wake up with fever, face the world and overcome all fears, Bringing their children forward and protecting them from all that is what makes mothers the best example of courage and love..

Because Mothers are the strongest people in the world. His weakness is his strong point and this will always be the love for those who light his heart and desire to live every day.

«You will teach to fly, but they will not fly your flight. You will teach to dream, but they will not dream your dream. You will teach how to live, but they will not live your life. However…, in every flight, in every life, in every dream, the trace of the path taught will always endure.

-Mother Teresa of Calcutta-

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