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What are the 10 cartoon dog breeds and what they would look like in real life

It’s not just in the real world that dogs are part of our lives. In cartoons, they’ve also proven themselves to be faithful friends with their tutors, and have won over fans of all ages over the years. Who never imagined, in childhood, having a four-legged companion just like a TV or movie character?

we, from awesome.club, we think this is possible! That’s why we’re going to reveal the breeds of 10 famous “dogs” from the animations and tell a little about the personality of each of them. If you’ve always wanted to have a Scooby-Doo at home, for example, it’s time to find out how it would behave!

1. Scooby-Doo — Great Dane

The real-life Great Dane is just like its cartoon representative: it’s just one size! Because of his height, the big guy can be scary at first, but it only takes a little bit of coexistence to notice how lovable he is.

Docile and playful, the furry has no idea of ​​its size and weight and usually behaves like a smaller dog. Just like the fearful Scooby-Doo! Dogs of this breed love to be in the company of their owner (hi, Shaggy!) and are willing to do activities such as walks.

2. Lady — American Cocker Spaniel

The graceful Lady, the little dog that enchanted generations in the movie classic Lady and the Tramp, is a legitimate representative of American cocker spaniels. Anyone who has such a puppy at home knows how faithful and dedicated they can be to the family, just like the character in the famous animation.

Laziness is not their thing! The dogs of this breed, marked by their large and furry ears, like to always be doing something. They are also very fast, which explains Lady’s escapes through the city in the Disney movie. Docile and small, they are great for smaller homes.

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3. Tramp — Mutt

The furry ones with no defined race (known as SRD) are true favorites of Brazilians! The caramel mutt that says so, after all, he is, practically, a heritage of our country. On the big screen, dogs without pedigree won a representative full of charisma: the Vagabundo!

Many people believe that stray dogs tend to be more brooding due to their history possibly marked by abandonment or mistreatment. But the fact is that, as they do not have a specific origin, their personality can vary from one mixture to another. The consensus is that they are often very smart, like the Disney character.

4. Flake — Lhasa apso

In Monica’s Gang comics, Floquinho is certainly a character that doesn’t go unnoticed — or have you ever seen a green dog walking around? With the slicked back fur that covers the muzzle, Cebolinha’s faithful companion is an authentic Lhasa Apso.

In addition to being cute, the furry ones of this breed are excellent guard dogs and have a strong protective instinct towards their tutors. They love to take good naps and, even though they are not big fans of physical activities, they get along very well with children. Like the Great Dane, the Lhasa Apso has no idea of ​​its own size: it thinks it’s big!

5. Dug — Golden retriever

“I just met you, but I already adore you!” It was with this phrase that Dug introduced himself to Carl, the grumpy old man from the movie Up: High Adventures. And this is more or less how a real-life golden retriever behaves. They are so sociable that they can easily show affection.

Extremely playful, the furry of this breed will hardly attack or flinch in front of a stranger. Therefore, they are not recommended as guard dogs. Active and very intelligent, they also tend to be great companions for people with visual impairments who need a guide dog.

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6. Pluto — Dog of Santo Humberto

In real life, let’s say it’s not very common to see a mouse tutoring a dog. However, in the wonderful world of Walt Disney, anything is possible! In the cartoons, Pluto, a doggo inspired by the bloodhound breed (also known as Cão de Santo Humberto), is Mickey’s pet, a mouse.

Because they are hunting dogs, furry ones of this type have gained recognition thanks to their excellent sense of smell — and they act like real detectives! Despite this, they are far from aggressive. They have a large size, but are calm and do not usually make noise.

7. Max — Jack russell terrier

In the animation Pets: The Secret Life of Pets, Max is a very jealous puppy. The little one doesn’t like it at all when his owner comes home with another furry and is upset to find out that he will need to share the space. In the real world, a jack russell terrier is also very loyal to humans.

But it takes a lot of energy to keep up with these dogs. Curious and explorers, they don’t sit still! It all turned into a big joke. They like to run and jump around – and can reach, in one jump, a height of up to 5 times their size.

8. Santa’s Little Helper — Greyhound

A member of one of TV’s most famous families, Santa’s Little Helper is the lovable mascot of The Simpsons. Homer and Bart met their four-legged friend at a dog race — and that was no accident. Greyhound dogs, also called English greyhounds, are the fastest there are!

The elongated body, so characteristic of these furry ones, helps in their physical conditioning: they reach up to 68 km/h. Despite the agility, the hurried ones really like to spend the day relaxing. Docile and affectionate, they are also sensitive and don’t want to know about being alone.

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9. Brian — Labrador

The messy Marley from the movie Marley & Me isn’t the only famous Labrador in the entertainment world. You may not even suspect that Brian, from the Family Guy animated series, is also a representative of the race. In the drawing, the character thinks he is people. But in real life, dogs of this species really like to make the most of their animal characteristics.

Known for their friendliness, Labradors don’t want war with anyone! They are very obedient and always seem to have a smile on their face. Like golden retrievers, they can be trained to help people with special needs.

10. Pongo — Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is probably the most famous dog breed in the TV and movie universe. Popularized by the classic Disney movie, in which the evil Cruella tries to transform a few dozen puppies into a fur coat, the species draws attention wherever it goes with its stylish spots.

The black spots are even unique to each pet, similar to a fingerprint: you will never find a Dalmatian the same as another. Just like Pongo, these doguinhos are loyal to their owners and are always learning something new. They also find it easy to get along with other animals.

Which of these breeds would you like to have at home as a companion? Do you remember any other animated puppies that were left out of our list? Tell in the comments the characters that also deserve to be mentioned! They may appear in a second part of this article. 🇧🇷

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