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19 Celebs Who Have Made Up Names But Probably Only Big Fans Know

Some celebrities have been in the media for so long, it seems that we know every single detail of their lives. That’s why it’s so fun to discover facts about our favorite stars that we didn’t even imagine. Even their real names can hide “secrets”.

Next, the awesome.club gathered a list of 19 Brazilian celebrities who have composite names and, probably, only those who are a big fan should know. Check out!

19. Lívia Andrade

Have you ever imagined that the presenter’s real name is Livia Regina Sorgia de Andrade?

18. Helen Ganzarolli

Want to know what the presenter’s composite name is? IT IS Helen Ticiane🇧🇷

17. Camila Coelho

The influencer is better known as Camila Coelho, but her full name is Camila Cristina Figueiredo Coelho.

16. Luiza Ambiel

This is the artist’s real name: Maria Luiza Batista de Almeida.

15. Elba Ramalho

Another celebrity with Maria in her name is Elba Ramalho, or rather, Elba Maria Nunes Ramalho.

14. Maria Casadevall

13. Claudia Raia

12. Vera Fischer

Maybe you don’t know, but the actress’s composite name is Vera Lucia🇧🇷

11. Claudia Leitte

10. Isabelle Drummond

9. Susana Vieira

The real name of the famous Susana Vieira is Sonia Maria Vieira Goncalves.

8. Iza

7. Christiane Torloni

6. Regiane Alves

5. Cacao Protasium

What about Cacao Protasio? Did you ever guess that your composite name is Anna Claudia🇧🇷

4. Tais Araújo

3. Carla Diaz

Our eternal “Chiquitita” is called Carla Carolina Moreira Diaz.

2. Gisele Bundchen

Believe me, the Brazilian model is called Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bundchen.

1. Paolla Oliveira

What was the name that surprised you the most? Did you remember any other famous that are not on this list? tell the awesome.club in the comments.

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