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Tumblr sneakers: how to customize and 30 amazing looks with the shoes

Tumblr sneakers give the cool touch to the looks in the style of the social network that was a fever among millennials. It usually appears in pastel, neon or neutral tones. Another common practice among adepts of this look is the customization of shoes, with their own designs and details. Were you curious? So follow the article to understand more!

30 Tumblr sneaker looks for a cool look

If you love being on top of trends, you’ll like to be inspired by the looks with these sneakers. Look that:

1. Tumblr-style sneakers can be white

2. Style with the minimalism of a basic All Star

3. Or full of grandeur in a Nike sneaker

4. Color is preferred in Tumblr style

5. And it gives all that nostalgic social network feeling

6. Drawing attention to photos with dark filters

7. And making you very stylish

8. Some prefer colorful details

9. Others like the single color better

10. Making the black and white look even more sophisticated

11. How about a monochromatic look with Tumblr Vans checkered sneakers?

12. For those who love bright colors, an idea is to change the shoelace

13. And use neon colors that stand out anytime

14. Who said Tumblr sneakers don’t work on a gym look?

15. How about an All Star matching the blouse?

16. You can also customize your sneakers

17. And give that old shoe a new look

18. It’s time for the little black dress

19. With small details, to be more cool

20. Match your clothes with Tumblr sneakers

21. And use them wherever you want

22. Do you prefer a neon pink Nike sneaker?

23. Or a plain white?

24. Look at this matching blue look

25. And that all-black look with red accents?

26. Kylie Jenner loves to wear stylish sneakers to work out

27. And they really attract attention when it comes to sports

28. By the way, Vans is the darling sneaker of skaters

29. And Tumblr Fila sneakers also appear at gym time

30. Use and abuse Tumblr sneakers in your favorite style!

Liked? With Tumblr sneakers, you can create different looks: from the most basic, with a blouse and jeans, to sporty or more sophisticated ones.

DIY: How to customize your sneakers Tumblr

If you love customizing your accessories, the tutorials below are for you. With few materials and in a few minutes, your Tumblr sneaker will become your favorite and customized shoe with a touch of its own. Follow:

galaxy sneakers

You know that old, faded sneaker of yours? Let’s rescue him! To protect the shoes, apply tape and avoid stains on the edge and sole. Also remove the laces and, with a sponge, apply the fabric paint with the technique taught in the video. Check out!

All Star sneakers renewed

A lot of people have had All Star and ended up putting it aside because it faded or got old. If you still love your Tumblr sneaker and don’t want to let go of it, watch this video and learn how to restore it with some care.

rainbow sneakers

Want to give your sneakers a new lease of life? Separate fabric paints in pastel tones and customize your shoe with the rainbow technique. The result is beautiful and leaves the look lively and delicate!

Black sneakers that look like leather

Can’t stand the color of your sneakers any longer and are you about to abandon them? Calm! You can change the color of the entire shoe! In this video, Renata teaches the step-by-step process to transform a pink All Star into black, and the result is very similar to leather. Hit play to check it out!

sneakers with glitter

Fer Dallan had red sneakers that turned orange. Inspired by Carnival, she decided to transform her sneakers and apply a lot of glitter! Watch the video to understand how she managed to do the process without staining her shoes.

See how easy it is to own your own Tumblr sneakers? With basic pieces and a little creativity, your look is amazing and you walk around looking stylish. And if you love to innovate in shoes, check out our colorful sneakers article!

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