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Toning mask: 4 products to conquer the perfect blonde

Blonde hair in the right tone, silky and with a healthy glow. This is the combo that many women want when bleaching and / or changing the color of the wires. In addition to the classic treatments included in the hair schedule, there is a product that cannot be missing in blondes’ routine: the toning mask. Learn all about the product below!

What is the tinting mask for?

The main objective of the toning mask is to neutralize the tone of the wires, that is, to restore color and shine to them. In addition, many products promote a complete treatment of highlights, as they have formulas with actives that hydrate and rebuild the hair fiber damaged by chemical processes.

The toning mask contains high molecular weight pigments and, therefore, acts differently to the dye or toner, causing the color to penetrate superficially into the strands. Thus, it should be included in the hair care routine once a week or every fortnight. But watch out! The range of use varies from hair to hair, taking into account factors such as the tone of the blonde and the frequency of washing.

How to use the tinting mask?

With some valuable tips, you can apply the toning mask to your hair yourself. Check out the step-by-step tutorial taught by bloggers:

Dyeing hair at home

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo;
  2. Apply the mask to the strands, strand by strand;
  3. Tie your hair up and put on a hydration cap;
  4. Let the product act for 5 to 10 minutes;
  5. Rinse with water.
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How to de-yellow blonde hair

  1. After washing your hair with shampoo, apply the toning mask with a glove;
  2. Apply the product along the entire length of the hair;
  3. Comb the strands to untangle them;
  4. Let it act for 1 minute and rinse with water;
  5. Apply the conditioner, let it act for another minute and rinse the hair well.

Dyeing the hair: perfect color and a lot of shine

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and divide it into two parts;
  2. Apply the product to the strands using the gloving technique (wrap the strand with your hands making firm movements from top to bottom);
  3. Let it act for 10 minutes;
  4. Rinse normally and finish as you prefer (dryer or flat iron).

As seen above, the process of applying the toning mask is no secret. In general, just pass it directly on the hair and glove well so that the cream acts deeply on the strands. Now, check out the best products that will guarantee you the desired blonde tone!

The best tinting masks

You already know the advantages of using the toning mask, but do they all have the same effect? It all depends on the tone of your blonde. See which are the best options according to your hair color.

Forever Liss Pearl Bath Mask: the best for pearly blonde

Rich in fatty acids and with special technology that intensely revitalizes color fixation, the Pérola Bath mask has high hydration power and hair fiber renewal. It is also indicated to treat hair damaged by chemical processes.

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“Apart from the color – which turned out great – I thought it leaves the strands with a really strong shine! Especially in the parts of my hair that are healthier I noticed a lot of shine.” – Bia Munstein

Acquaflora Antioxidant Hydration Mask: the best for golden blonde

The product helps in the hydration and deep nutrition of the hair, gradually reducing the yellow tone of the hair. Ideal for those who like to keep their blonde locks with a golden background.

“On my hair, which had a more golden background and a little dark, I found the effect super good and fast.” – Ju Lopes

Specialist Blonde Amend Toning Mask: the best for ash blonde

The Specialist Blonde line has a high concentration of violet pigments that eliminate yellow or orange hair. The mask promises to strengthen the hair fiber and recover the resistance and shine of blonde hair.

“In addition to tinting, it super hydrates the hair. (…) It does not damage the hair at all and that was one of the positive things I found about the mask.” – Giovana Ferreira

Platinum Blond Forever Liss Toning Mask: the best for platinum blonde

Platinum effect, deep hydration and silky hair is what the Platinum Blond mask promises. The product protects blond, gray or streaked hair from the yellowing effect caused by chemical or natural oxidation and the aggressions caused by the sun.

The maintenance of blonde hair requires a little more care, but all this “work” is worth it when the locks are silky and with that shine that every woman loves. Now just choose the perfect toning mask for her hair! Also know some techniques to remove the yellow hair and always have beautiful and healthy wires.

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