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Three signs will be greatly influenced by Saturn retrograde

Saturn is retrograde and promises to affect everyone’s lives. Until September 18th, he will influence several personal aspects, which will need to be reassessed.

CLAUDIA’s team spoke with the astrologer Paula Brandão to know more details of the astrological moment. Check out:

Saturn retrograde: what does it mean?

Saturn is the ruling planet of the 10th house, which deals with purpose, personal and professional ambitions, the ability to undertake and build relationships. Therefore, all matters related to that house will be affected.

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In general, there will be greater personal and external demands. In addition, it is time to take responsibility for your own choices and attitudes.

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Which signs will be most affected?

Capricorn, as it is ruled by Saturn, it will be the most affected, as well as people with an Ascendant or Moon in this sign. Bull and virgin will also be greatly influenced.

The greatest effects will be in the professional area, in the career and relationships. The moment will be perfect to reassess everything that has happened in recent months. “The Saturn retrograde will help review relationships, set limits and, in some cases, put an end to starting new paths”, says Paula Brandão.

How to bring out the best of this period?

Take advantage of the retrograde Saturn to assume the consequences of the chosen paths and do not victimize yourself or point guilty in situations. Furthermore, it is time to make a realistic assessment of the path that has been chosen, in addition to reviewing partnerships and the level of commitment in relation to the goals themselves.

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