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The story of Sir Elton John, who, despite everything, became a star and whose story became the movie “Rocketman”

Elton John is a world-renowned singer, one of the greatest pop rock idols in history. Currently, the star is 72 years old and, throughout his career, he has achieved recognition, glory, wealth and formed a family. However, his life was not as dazzling and splendid as his famous and flamboyant costumes.

O awesome.club watched the movie Rocketman and, inspired by the personality of Elton John, decided to tell you a little more about this extraordinary artist.

The premiere of the film Rocketman at the Cannes Film Festival – May 16, 2019

Elton, originally christened Reginald Kenneth Dwight, was born March 25, 1947, into an ordinary English family. His father didn’t see him often, and after 15 years he and his mother divorced. The complicated relationship with his father was present throughout the singer’s life: his father considered music meaningless and died without seeing a single concert by his son, who by then was already known throughout the world.

His passion for songs began in early childhood. The kind and attentive grandmother nurtured her grandson’s talent and, at the age of four, he was already a prodigy capable of playing any melody on the piano. At age 11, he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music.

Elton John in Tunisia, 1983

With Bernie Taupin

At the end of the 60’s, already with the stage name of Elton John, his career took off for good. But despite his success, the musician was susceptible to depression. Since childhood he was very shy and did not accept his own body, as he considered himself fat. A bad relationship with an ex-girlfriend led to a suicide attempt. He turned on the gas in his apartment to kill himself by poisoning, but (fortunately for the world) forgot to close the windows.

The singer’s physical appearance impressed the audience and provoked a multitude of questions. He always liked the extravagant costumes, and in 1974, he made a list… the worst dressed women in the worldsomething that hurt him.

Concert in Universal City, California, 1986

In 1976, Elton revealed his bisexuality to the world, which generated a real scandal and press attacks. Because he could not stand the pressure, the musician began to abuse alcohol and drugs. Depressed, he increased the dose of medication and jumped into a pool, in yet another suicide attempt. He was taken to the hospital, and after a few days, he was back on stage. In 1977, he finally got rid of the addiction, surprised by the death of Elvis Presley. In 1984, he officially married sound engineer Renate Blauel, whom he divorced four years later.

Wedding, February 14, 1984

Among Elton John’s friends there were many legendary personalities. For example, he was close to John Lennon and Yoko Ono and even became godfather to their son Sean. Elton was also friends with Freddie Mercury. The death of the Queen’s leader as a result of AIDS in 1991 affected him deeply. That’s why, in 1992, Elton created a foundation to fight the disease and, since then, he has been donating huge sums of money. In 2018 alone, the total was more than 24.3 million pounds sterling (31 million dollars). In 2008, total donations reached 42 million pounds — 53 million dollars.

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HIV/AIDS Fund Conference

In addition to philanthropy, Elton is dedicated to other good deeds: after overcoming his addictions, he started helping other celebrities struggle with drug addiction. One of those who received help was rapper Eminem. In the mid-90s, he even sent Robbie Williams to a clinic, literally kidnapping him with the help of his security and ordered him to do the treatment by force. Robbie escaped from the clinic after two days, but ended up going to rehab anyway.

With Robbie Williams

In 1993, Elton met David Furnish, whom he married in 2005. And in 1998, the musician received the title of siror Knight of the Order of the British Empire awarded by Queen Elizabeth, and even receiving their own shield in which two circles meet: one black and one white. The black symbolizes vinyl records, white the CDs. Other famous British musicians who have this title are Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and Eric Clapton.

With husband David Furnish

Today, Elton John is a recognized music master, philanthropist and family man. In 2001, he made the first attempt to produce an autobiographical film, but only after 18 years did the feature come out. As of May 31, 2019, Rocketman (reference to one of his greatest hits) debuted in the world.

Taron Egerton as Elton John

Did you watch the movie? Do you like Sir Elton John’s creativity?

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