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20+ Details of the “Twilight” Saga That We Didn’t Know at First, But Now Give Us Many Questions

when the saga Twilight premiered in 2008, a good part of its audience was made up of teenagers, who followed the romance between a human and a vampire. However, these teenagers have grown up and no longer see the saga with the same youthful eyes.

Therefore, a decade after its debut, the awesome.club decided to take another look at the films and found some details that, at that time, might have gone unnoticed, but that now we would hardly notice.

1. When Edward saves Bella from being hit by a car, he leaves a huge dent in another vehicle with his hand, which no one seems to notice.

2. Edward admitted that he watched Bella sleep even before they were a couple. A little weird, no?

3. Bella is new to school. When Mike invites her to the dance, she replies that the party is still a month away. But when she goes to the event, she’s already decided to be a vampire. Yes, Bella makes quick decisions

4. OK, in Twilight Vampires glow in the sun, but do they also sweat?

5. When she arrived in Forks, Bella seemed to be the only girl in the school, as many were hopelessly attracted to her.

6. All it took was one night of searching the Internet for Bella to realize what no one had ever suspected: Edward was a vampire

7. We understand that the Cullens put food on their table to keep up appearances, but… seriously, no one notices that they never eat?

8. Victoria’s footprint appears to change from the moment the mark is left to the moment the police find her

9. Bella’s nasal probes move from scene to scene without anyone touching them

10. It’s as if the couples at the prom know that the end of the movie is approaching, because, out of nowhere, they decide to leave to leave the protagonists alone

11. In New Moon, Bella cuts herself while opening a present, and Jasper can’t resist a few drops of blood and tries to attack her. However, he had already been close to Bella when James attacked her, and seemed to have no blood issue.

12. Bella and Edward are codependent. Without it, she becomes terribly depressed; and he’s willing to die when he thinks her life has come to an end

13. The Volturi are not only vampire royalty, but tour guides as well, though no one seems to complain when they don’t return from their trip.

14. Bella loves Edward, we get that; but did she really need to get away from family and friends for him? There is a moment when her parents are worried about the intensity of this romance.

15. Edward is a complete heartthrob, but also a bit controlling. He even damaged Bella’s truck so she couldn’t visit Jacob.

16. What about Jacob’s wardrobe? How many clothes must he have if he always rips them off when he turns into a wolf?

17. If vampires live forever, do they need to remarry for their marriage to remain valid?

18. Not that vampires can’t change their image, but something happens to Edward’s eyebrows between Twilight and Dawn

19. Edward and Bella’s wedding cake is huge. Too big for a party where half the guests are vampires who don’t eat food.

20. We need to talk about the animatronic version of Renesmee. She scares more than being the daughter of a vampire and a human

21. In Eclipse, we learn that rookie vampires are uncontrollable. And, of course, Isabella Swan was the exception, as she had a self-control that was hard to believe.

22. Has anyone else been bothered by the idea that Jacob and Renesmee might be a couple at some point?

Have you noticed anything else “strange” in the saga? Twilight that we may not have noticed? Tell us in the comments!

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