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The sex toys have arrived to increase your pleasure at the H

When it comes to sex and masturbation, venturing into the world of sex toys is a great choice. Sex toys make a difference in the pursuit of pleasure and can be used alone or accompanied. So, check out tips from psychologist and sexologist Fernanda Trombini Cassim about the advantages of including them in your sexual routine and which outfit to choose!

Advantages of using sex toys

The use of sex toys not only brings momentary advantages with the pleasure they provide, but also contributes to a series of long-term benefits for those who choose to venture out with them, either alone or with a partner. The sexologist points out some of them, check it out:

  • Sexual discoveries: according to Cassim, when using it alone, a woman will feel more “at ease to explore erogenous zones of her body”.
  • Helps in stimulation: when accompanied, the sexologist says that the sex toy becomes an ally to stimulate the clitoris while the partner is dedicated to other forms of pleasure, such as penetration, massages, masturbation and oral sex.
  • Contributes to sexual health: sex toys make the peak of pleasure easier and, as the psychologist points out, “orgasms can help increase the circulation of blood flow throughout the body, causing well-being and improving female health” .
  • Strengthening the vaginal muscles: Fernanda says that toys can help with pompoarism, an exercise that strengthens the vaginal muscles, helping women’s health.
  • Increases intimacy in the relationship: the psychologist points out that partners who give toys a chance build more complicity in sex, improving the quality of the relationship and more transparent communication.
  • Provides relief from tension: as they are great allies in moments of pleasure, they help to relieve “the days of more excitement” and stress, as Cassim points out.

With so many advantages, it makes you want to try some models, doesn’t it? Don’t be afraid to venture out and intensify sensations, get to know your body and what makes sense to you.

How to choose sex toys

For Cassim, the choice of sex toys is based on 3 main factors: the stage of development and maturation of their sex life, their fantasies and fetishes and individual anatomical issues. They are the ones who will guide the tips to determine the best toy for you. Here’s how to find your favorite:

  • Try it and choose what suits your taste the most: there are toys of various sizes and styles. The sexologist claims that it is common for women who are new to their sex life to opt for bullets and external and smaller vibrators. Those who already know the options better and have already tested other models, may prefer larger toys for penetration, dildos, rabbits and materials to pomp out.
  • Toys can be used for fetishes and costumes: costumes and fetishes are very private things and the style of the toy can vary according to the partner’s fantasy. Cassim’s tip is to “let your imagination run wild and see what your body asks for”.
  • Pay attention to anatomical issues: the choice of your toy needs to take this aspect into consideration. The psychologist reiterates that “there is no point in wanting to use a toy that is too invasive or goes beyond the limits of your body”. In the pursuit of pleasure, you need to know your limits and respect yourself.
  • Use gels and lubricants: in addition to vibrators, there are also other items that make the H hour more enjoyable. This is the case with gels that increase sensory perception, body oils for massage and lubricants.
  • Set a budget: As Cassim recalls, “the sex toy market is vast and prices vary.” Prices can start at R$30.00 and there is no place to stop, going up to R$1,000. So, choose the option that best fits your pocket, but also has quality and offers durability.

Sex toys intensify pleasure alone or in company. They are excellent for escaping the routine, experiencing new sensations and getting to know what gives you pleasure. Remember: you deserve this gesture of care!

The best sex toys to intensify your quest for pleasure

There are a multitude of toys on the market and to choose a model to try, it is worth knowing the experience of other people who have already tested and approved. See reviews that can help you in this decision:

1. Bullet – $

An option of sexy toys is a bullet vibrator, super affordable, very small, and can be hidden with tranquility. In addition, it is easy to use alone or with a partner.

However, if you are looking for a penetration option, it is not ideal, as it was developed to stimulate the clitoris.

“One of the cheapest vibrators, it’s great for demystifying the idea that sex is just penis and vagina. It can be used on your entire body. Very suitable for massage with an oil. It’s small, but it’s powerful.” – Larissa Rogerio

2. Anal plug – $$

One of the functions of this toy is to give comfort to anal sex, preparing the place before penetration. It can also be used for double penetration, intensifying the pleasure.

“There are different models and materials, but they all have a safety handle. A model suitable for those who are starting to use it is with balls and silicone. There is also anal jewelry, which has beauty and style.” – Samarah Batista

3. Suction Vibrator – $$$

He is a sucker with a very cute look, as he looks like an octopus or other animals. The sensation it produces is of pressure and can be used on the clitoris or nipples. It is delicate and as good as any other suction vibrator and more accessible for those who are curious to reach orgasm in up to 3 minutes. Excellent sex toy option.

“His mouthpiece is very easy to fit on your clitoris. He is very sweet. At first speed it is very quiet and when it engages the clitoris it is even quieter. He hugs, looks like a caress. It’s the type of vibrator I recommend to anyone starting out.” – Luana Lumertz

4. Dolphin G-Spot Vibrator – $$$

This vibrator has a curved tip designed to stimulate the female G-spot during penetration. It works wonders on pleasure and is perfect for anyone who likes penetration.

“It’s made for use when introducing it into the vaginal canal, not just for clitoral stimulation. Remembering that it’s not to go in all at once, calm down, get in the mood. It can be used in many ways. The important thing is that you use and find the stimulus that gives you the most pleasure.” – Hidden Box Lu

5. Dildos – $$$

Dildos are the famous “rubber penises”, some imitating the color and texture of the male sexual organ. They are ergonomically shaped to intensify stimulation and do not usually have any vibration modes.

“They are not made of rubber and are the first to come to mind when thinking about sex toys. They can be used for vaginal, anal or double penetration. They are 15 to 18 cm and 4 to 6 cm in diameter.” – Natali Gutierrez

6. Rabbit Vibrator – $$$

Sexologist Cassim defines sex toy rabbits as “penetrable vibrators, with 2 or 3 stimulation points. They are toys that allow the internal excitation of the vaginal canal, at the same time that it affects the clitoris and/or the anus”.

“It’s a model for those who like the best of both worlds, penetration and clitoral stimulation. Models may or may not have the curve that stimulates the G-spot. It’s cool for those who still don’t know if they prefer clitoral stimulation or penetration and don’t have to choose.” – Wet Girl

7. Vibrating Panties – $$$

The vibrating panty is an app-controlled toy perfect for pairing. It is anatomical to stay in panties and in the vaginal canal.

“It has G-spot stimulation and won’t move while you’re on the move as it’s meant to be used outside. The connection to the application is made via bluetooth.” – Rafaela Cavalcanti

8. 2 in 1 Vibrator – $$$$

This vibrator combines the best of both worlds because it is, at the same time, a clitoral sucker and a G-spot vibrator. At each end, a different stimulus.

“The largest and most protuberant part, about 11 cm, is the part that will be fitted to the vulva and will stimulate the vaginal canal with G-spot stimulation. .” – Aline da Libertina Shop

Did you like any of the options? The important thing is to venture into the world of pleasure with an open mind to toys that can help you get to know yourself better and explore new sensations. You deserve this pleasure in your sex life. And to experience yourself even more, check out tips on how to reach orgasm.

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