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The opportunities we don’t take advantage of

I used to know someone who seemed afraid of opportunities for change one day and disinterested the next.. If she could change to another job, she didn’t do it because why start over if where she was she already knew everything?

She constantly complained about being alone, but when the opportunity came to meet someone, she insisted on finding even the flaws they didn’t have… It was a succession of opportunities that came and went, without taking them into account. Theirs was something to worry about.

And yet, She is not the only one in the world who has let an opportunity go.although she honestly had wasted too many.

Lost opportunities are not recovered

We are constantly leaving aside what could perhaps be something good in our lives, fear

Like I always say, regretting the past is of no use, but sometimes maybe it could serve as a reflection to try that dream that we still shelter. We all have not one, but many. Small and big dreams, we must be honest, some are so fantastic that we will leave them in the world of our imagination.

Don’t miss any opportunity. Take advantage of all occasions. Every opportunity is aimed at your development and perfection.”

-Swami Sivananda-

Opportunities and dreams

I used to have a dream… Since I was little, A photo on the wall reminded me that there was a distant place where one day, surprised, I discovered that there were wonderful things.. But no, those trips were only for “millionaires”, why go so far if I could see good things nearby, “stop dreaming, you’re going to get hit” was the most I heard for many years, until I kept putting it off and a day I forgot it in the drawer of dreams.

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I became an adult and my dream was still somewhere, I smiled thinking that I didn’t have time now, that it wasn’t worth it, and that dreams, well, that’s what they are, dreams. And yet, one day I found myself faced with the possibility of not having many days to continue just pursuing my dream, and I told myself that maybe I should try it, it wasn’t cheap, and it wasn’t easy to decide one day to embark on a solo adventure.

“Among difficulties lies opportunity.”

-Albert Einstein-

The decisive step

I broke my piggy bank (which barely had anything) and asked for a loan, that’s what banks are for, or were until recently, and Against all odds, I took a month to make that trip that I had forgotten years ago…

When I returned I was excited to see how much fun I had had, but above all I found that my perception of things had changed. I took a new job when everyone said that the crisis was coming upon us, that I must be crazy to do it, time showed that I was crazy to risk being unemployed, in turbulent times, but it worked and I found what I consider to be the job of my life.

I still have days of getting lost thinking about doing this or that, Nobody says that reflecting before making a decision is bad., quite the opposite, our decisions well deserve reflection. But reflection does not mean being afraid of the future or letting go of the opportunities that are put in front of us.

They say that if you don’t look you won’t find. What are you waiting for to find your dream? Unless a miracle happens, if you don’t go for it you won’t achieve it.

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