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Textured hair: products and inspirations to give your hair more personality

Have you noticed how some hairstyles stop in some people’s hair while in others, they don’t even get angry? This is largely due to the texture of the wires, which can be thick, thin, rough, smooth, among other characteristics that, together, end up dictating the look of our hair, making them more or less voluminous, easy or not untangle and even more or less wavy or curly.

Well then! Thinking about it, in recent times, several products – called texturizers – have been developed precisely to change this characteristic of the wires, making them easier to handle and shape, according to our preference. And the coolest thing is that, in addition to solving certain problems, such as the lack of volume at the root and the difficulty of fixing hairstyles, many of these products still help to achieve the famous “I woke up now” look. You know that calculatedly messy look? Himself!

So, if you want to change the look of your hair to make a hairstyle or just to get ready in a quick and practical way in everyday life, check out some product tips and inspirations to help you in the endeavor.

10 highly recommended products to texturize your hair

Although all products that change the texture of the hair fall into the same category of texturizers, the specific product for your locks will depend on your needs and the result you want to achieve.

Among the main options available on the market are: salt spray, aimed at those who want to give their hair an extra wave and achieve the famous beach hair; the dry shampoo, which gives volume to the roots and makes the strands rougher, causing them to stop in the hairstyles; the texturizing powder, ideal for thickening and giving a messy look to the thinnest strands; and the texturizing and styling mousses, creams and sprays, which help to thicken the hair and maintain the desired shape.

Here are some of the influencers’ favorite texturizing products:

Where to buy

  1. Perfectly (Un)arranged Tresemmé Spray, at Americanas
  2. “The texture is liquid, the smell is very pleasant and it is colorless, so it does not interfere with the pigmentation of the wires. I really like the result, I think it looks really nice, especially now that my hair is shorter and I’m not using a brush and hairdryer anymore. My hair is pure power!” – Ju, from Juro Valendo

  3. Small Takk styling cream, by Tigi Bed Head, at Drogaria São Paulo store
  4. “Joined the favorites list for sure! Its texture is very different from anything I’ve ever seen, the smell is of sweet pineapple, very tasty, and the result it leaves on the hair is really very good!” – Petite Vanidades

  5. Lee Stafford Volumizing Double Blow Mousse at Beauty Box
  6. “It’s for those who want volume in their hair, whether it’s straight or wavy. You must apply it before drying (I dry it with my head down) and go through it with your fingers, no brush. The volume is incredible! But the hair is not ‘set up’ because the mousse gives a great model, it will stay the way you want it, but with volume.” – Juliana Sena

  7. Yenzah Amo Sol Texturizing Spray, at Ikesaki
  8. “The difference between the Yenzah Amo Sol line spray and the others is that, while some leave the hair dry and hard – as if it were really sea water –, the Yenzah spray already does the opposite, leaves it silky and helps to nourish even more on account of coconut oil! And seriously, the hair looks so wonderful and natural, I don’t even know what to say… I just know how to love!” – Juliana Motta

  9. Dust it Flex mattifying and texturizing powder, by Osis, at Americanas
  10. “The powder adds texture to the hair and makes it less slippery, which can be really nice to hold buns, braids and tails with more volume.” – Sabrina Olivetti

  11. Surf Breeze by Beauty Box
  12. “I loved it, I think it gives extra hold for wavy hair or curling iron without leaving the hair stiff, looking like hairspray (which I hate) – but for that you have to apply it little by little and feel the texture of the hair, because if you apply too much it gets kind of hard.” – Diva stuff

  13. Natura Plant styling texturizing spray, by Natura
  14. “Usually when styling my hair with a curling iron, the wavy or curly effect fades throughout the day. When I use the spray during the process, the curls last much longer.” – Marina Smith

  15. Puro Luxo texturizing hair pomade by Feito Brasil
  16. “One of the great positives of this ointment is that it has what professionals in the area call “memory”, that is, it thickens the strands without stiffening them too much, making it possible to reshape the hair even after finishing the hairstyle. This is especially interesting for short hair, as it is enough to ‘carefully mess up’ the strands and voilà, a new hair style appears throughout the day.” – Karina Viega

  17. Original Batiste Dry Shampoo, at Época Cosmetics
  18. Volumizing Powder Volume is Everything, by Quem Disse Berenice

A valuable tip for those who want to bet on texturizers is to always follow the manufacturer’s guidance or people who have already used the product when applying. That’s because the amount, form and timing of application change a lot from one product to another, and going the wrong way can compromise the final production a lot.

More textured hair to inspire you

If you’ve been wanting to use a texturizer, but you’re not sure how to style your hair, your problems are over! Below you will find several textured hair inspirations for every style.

The famous “I just woke up” look is a textured hair classic

It matches the rocker style

And also with a basic style, giving it a modern touch.

One cool thing is that texturizers take the locks from the root

be very natural

or over stylized

For those with short hair, texturizers are an excellent way to change the look.

As proof, try to imagine these locks without this volume

For those who have long hair, look how beautiful the texturizer looks in the ponytail

Here’s another example just to be sure.

In fact, many hairstyles call for textured hair.

Especially the ones with a “rodinho” look.

The famous beach waves are another classic for textured hair.

It’s a way to have beach hair even though you’re far from the sea

And since the subject is waves in the hair, texturizers give a relaxed look to the curling iron

Notice how it gets a revamped look

For owners of straight locks, textured hair is a real ally.

A way out of the sameness

And to give more movement to the wires

Is it or isn’t it a reason for happiness?

But just because your hair already has volume doesn’t mean it can’t gain more texture.

This will help shape you the way you want.

And to adhere to messy hair in a way worthy of a fashion editorial

Textured hair with bangs is a reimagining of the 80s hairstyle

It is also capable of giving up the classic chanel

And make simple hairstyles more interesting

The truth is that, when lifting the hair, the textured effect also raises self-esteem.

We feel ready for the photo

And also for the char

So, have you bet on textured hair today?

For those who are excited to use texturizers on their hair, the final tip is to take at least one day a week to wash the highlights with a detox shampoo. This way you ensure that the excess product is removed and the wires are light and healthy.

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