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“Surround yourself with everything that makes you happy”: what is true in this phrase according to Feng Shui?

The phrase “surround yourself with everything that makes you happy”, responds to the first principle of Feng Shui that states that “everything is alive.” According to this thrice-millennial philosophy, everything is alive because everything emits a vibration. No one is surprised anymore when we say that everything is energy. Everything that surrounds us and we have in our home influences us, whether we are aware of it or not.

But, What is true in this phrase? Why is it recommended? We analyze how you can make your home make you happier.

everything is alive

The colors of the walls, the shape of the furniture, the materials, the textures, the objects, the order and disorder… Everything we have directly influences our mood and energy., in the same way that our thoughts and beliefs influence us. In fact, our space is a reflection of what we think and feel, our home is “literally” our mirror.

That’s why, What Feng Shui advises is that we surround ourselves with everything that makes us happy and let us eliminate from our environment those objects that anchor us to a painful past. Also everything that links us to people who have left our lives, such as, for example, the picture of an ex-partner with whom we had a toxic relationship.

The painful energy of this type of objects floods many homes. The moment we become aware of the effect it generates, it is less difficult for us to get rid of them and a feeling invades us. need to replace them with other objects or images that cheer our soul and connect us with our genuine essence.

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Isn’t that a very hedonistic rule?

Hedonism is a philosophical current which has its origin in ancient Greece. The word “hedonism” comes from the Greek hēdonḗ and means “pleasure” in the broadest sense and also understood as well-being. Throughout history, this doctrine or philosophical current has been misunderstood a lot, so that hedonism has reached our days reduced and stigmatized, completely distancing itself from what it meant in its origins.

On the other hand, Feng Shui has its origin in China and is based on the deep observation of nature and its seasons. With more than 3000 years of history, What this science tells us is to surround ourselves with beautyunderstanding beauty as everything that makes us feel good and generates well-being, like nature itself, if what we want is to take care of our energy.

It is important to surround ourselves with things that make us feel good.

The Furniture

Examples of things that make us happy

Each person is unique, which is why in many cases manual Feng Shui or tips do not always work equally for everyone. It is important that each person connects with what makes them feel good and captures it in their home. in the way you like best. For example, you can change that wall color that has been boring you for a long time or hang that vacation photo that connects you with that state of happiness. You can also give yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers to place in the living room or incorporate that inspiring phrase that you like so much in the entrance.

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Creativity to power!

Feng Shui avoids fashions and clichés and proposes a type of more conscious, creative and personal decoration. Always respecting the tastes and needs of each person.

We have to trust more in ourselves and our feelings and encourage ourselves to make those changes that are more in line with our current values ​​and our desires, we will undoubtedly feel more alive, joyful and lighter in our most sacred space, our home.

If you want to apply the philosophy of Feng Shui in your home, follow these tips. Hit play!

The Furniture

7 keys to Feng Shui for your entire home

*Article written by Astrid Izquierdo, author of “The Little Book of Feng Shui”.

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