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String art: the amazing technique of drawing with lines

The diversity of craft techniques is enormous and despite apparently being a skill for few, there are types of crafts that are perfectly possible to be performed by people with no experience in manual work.

Such simple techniques are currently disseminated through DIY tutorials (do it yourself) and have been gaining ground in home and party decorations in general, after all homemade production usually results in savings.

One of these easy-to-reproduce techniques with high applicability in decoration is String art, the art of creating shapes and designs using threads.

The creation possibilities are enormous and the adaptation of the pieces is also quite simple, as the colors, shapes and types of braiding make all the difference.

Check out tips and tutorials for making string art and using the technique on different occasions, as well as images for inspiration.

Necessary materials

Before learning how to create a string art, it is necessary to list the essential items for its production. To make your string art at home you will need the following materials:

  • Line
  • nails
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • wooden base
  • drawing template

String art is a handmade and artistic technique, so, in addition to the basic materials for the elaboration of this technique, remember to let your creativity flow when creating yours.

Step by step to create a string art

To produce a string art of a specific design or if you have not yet had contact with this technique, it is interesting to use a paper template to guide the placement of the nails.
To create your own templates, just look for the design in the black and white or outline version and print it out. After defining the design, printing and cutting your pattern, just follow the steps:

  1. Position the mold on the wooden base and fix it with an adhesive tape;
  2. Add the nails around the design, at an interval of about 1.5 cm, in order to form the image outline;
  3. After fixing all the nails, carefully remove the paper template;
  4. And finally, pass the line through the nails to create the desired shape and effect.

To better understand the step-by-step technique and learn about two different ways to create a frame using the string art method, watch the following video:

Filling in the images

There are three ways to braid the wires when creating a string art: just form the outline of the images with the wires (photo 1), fill in the inner part of the design, interspersing the direction of the line (photo 2) or even fill in with the threads all over the outside of the design, creating a kind of hollow image (photo 3).

The difference is simply in the place where the lines will be braided and the effect generated is quite different, just choose your favorite and test it!

How and where to use string art

This handmade technique is quite adaptable and can be used in different environments and occasions. Colors play a key role in this adaptation, as they visually convey feelings and sensations. Likewise, choosing shapes and designs that relate to the occasion is essential to create harmony in the decor.

At home, it is possible to create frames with string art to decorate the environments, just invest in a frame and fix the piece to the desired wall. For living rooms, such as the living room and kitchen, it is necessary to think about the whole and the image you want to convey to your guests. In order not to go wrong, invest in more neutral colors and drawings or phrases that reflect your personality.

For children’s rooms, a tip is to abuse the colors and drawings related to the children’s universe: super heroes, playful drawings, among others.

At parties, the technique can be used to create decorative panels, photo backgrounds or table markers. Again, the colors depend on the type of celebration and the decoration of the party as a whole.

But regardless of the situation, string art is a modern, easy alternative with a surprising end result, so the limit of this technique only depends on your creative ability.

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