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17 sweet and savory pamonha recipes for a perfect delicacy

A delicacy made from green corn, pamonha is known throughout most of Brazil, but is consumed mainly in Goiás and the Northeastern states.

It can be made in both sweet and salty versions and, in both cases, it ends up being very popular in the traditional June and July parties. However, of course, it is found for sale and/or can be successfully made at any time of the year!

Although there are the most laborious recipes, there are simple ways to make delicious pamonha at home. You will be surprised by the options below!

salted tamale

1. Salted tamale from the oven: the recipe uses standard curd and cheese, but you can use any other cheese, the important thing is to be a cheese with a lot of flavor, so the dish is much tastier. You can even put bacon and pepperoni in pieces.

2. Pamonha stuffed with pepperoni and white cheese: the chosen filling was pepperoni and cheese, but the recipe can be made in several flavors. The pamonha has a very moist and soft consistency, but if you want it to be firmer, with more cake consistency, double the amount of corn flour.

3. Lactose-free stuffed oven tamale: a recipe without milk, gluten and soy. Contains egg… And, in addition to it, you will use green corn, water, salt, ground black pepper and olive oil.

4. Pamonha stuffed with pupunha and guinea fowl: you will basically put corn, guinea fowl and pupunha in the same casserole and then take a beautiful and different salted pamonha out of the oven. The recipe makes four servings.

5. Pan tamale: a creamy and delicious dish. You will use corn on the cob, thin pork or chicken sausage, semi-cured Minas cheese, butter, goat pepper (or other pepper of your choice) and salt.

6. Creamy pamonha with curd: this recipe is easy and yields four pamonhas. You will only use corn on the cob, grated parmesan and cottage cheese. If you have leftovers, you can store them in the fridge and heat them up in the microwave the next day.

sweet tamale

7. Sweet tamale with coconut: the recipe is a lot of work, but the flavor pays off, as the result is a fresh, irresistible tamale! It’s ideal to do with at least one other person to help or on a day when you have plenty of time, as it requires a certain technique.

8. Sweet oven-baked pamonha with coconut milk and parmesan: simple recipe, but with a wonderful result. You will only need green corn, coconut milk, eggs, grated parmesan cheese and wheat flour.

9. Sweet oven-baked pamonha with butter: another practical and easy recipe, which is ready in about an hour. You will only need green corn, sugar, milk, eggs, cornstarch, butter, baking powder for cake.

10. Sweet pamonha without egg and yeast: a good recipe for June/July parties. But you can do it whenever you feel like it! The recipe is very simple and you will only use corn, milk, margarine, sugar and salt.

11. Sweet pamonha stuffed with Minas cheese: a dessert for anyone to miss! You will need green corn, milk, corn oil, unsalted butter, salt and granulated sugar.

12. Sweet tamale in a bag: made in a blender, it’s a delicious recipe and relatively easy to make. You will need frozen corn, milk, cornstarch, butter, salt, sugar, aluminum foil and a clear food bag.

13. Vegan sweet tamale: a vegan recipe where you will use only corn cobs with straw, vegetable oil (such as sunflower or corn), salt and sugar. It yields about seven units and takes around 4 hours to be ready.

tamale recipes

14. Pamonha cake: ideal to accompany an afternoon coffee or tea. Easy to make recipe with great results. You will use corn on the cob, eggs, unsalted butter, milk, condensed milk and yeast.

15. Brigadeiro de pamonha with coconut: a unique recipe that will delight everyone. Perfect for June/July parties. You will only use condensed milk, green corn, dry coconut and cinnamon powder.

16. Tarta de pamonha: another great dish to be served at June / July parties! You will need corn on the cob, coconut milk, sugar, salt and butter.

17. Salted tamale stuffed platter: you know that time when you want to eat something tasty, but quick and practical to prepare?! This recipe is perfect for that and has easy ingredients… It’s worth noting!

Sweet or savory, served individually or on the baking sheet… It doesn’t matter! The pamonha is the right bet for the June / July parties, but also for when you want to taste a delicious delicacy, with that delicious taste of corn!

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