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Small pleasures, big moments

Are you one of those who enjoys when you achieve your goal? Or do you like to enjoy the journey, the details of everyday life? Here we tell you some keys to learn to delight in small pleasures.

“Enjoying all pleasures is foolish; avoid them, insensitive”. This famous quote from Plutarch, one of the most renowned Greek essayists, can perfectly summarize how people often feel when seeking happiness. And many people think that they can only find it through love, money or material goods.

Therefore, many times we are not aware that happiness is something that depends solely on ourselves. It is not necessary to achieve great goals in life to achieve that state of fulfillment, the important thing is found along the way. You know what I’m talking? Well, they are nothing more and nothing less than the small, but great, pleasures that life gives us. Those who are always there to make us smile at any time and place.

The small pleasures depend on each one

The list of small pleasures that exist can be as extensive, or more, as there are people in the world. It depends on each person’s personal tastes, but there is consensus on the pleasure generated by reading a book, smelling a delicious freshly cooked meal, or enjoying the beauty of a sunset. However, there will be people who enjoy some activities more than others. For this reason, It is important to know each other and pay attention to what each person likes the most.. It will be then when we will be able to identify, and carry out, everything that fills us with satisfaction.

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How to enjoy them?

Behind the specific pleasures for each person, we find those everyday tasks that we can learn to enjoy. For this, it is important Don’t be in a hurry, pay attention to what we are doing and find the point of pleasure.

As for what each person likes to do, it is essential that they are present on a daily basis. To do this, we can follow two guidelines:

Reserve 10 minutes for yourself every day. We are immersed in a society in which we are constantly asked to be productive and have great goals. This makes us forget about ourselves and, for example, 2 months pass when we realize that we have not done what we like so much. It is essential to take time each day to do a little of what fills you up so much. This helps to channel stress and, above all, to connect with oneself and disconnect from responsibility, to not lose one’s identity and to reinforce self-esteem.Plan good times. If for some task it is not possible to do it daily in a short period of time, make plans, look for weekly or monthly space to do that. For example, meeting your friends. Organize an appointment every once in a while, and that will help you organize your time without allowing for the possibility of missing that activity. Furthermore, from the moment you create the plan, excitement and joy will be present.

Enjoy the moment

Above all these indications, the most important thing is that you enjoy the moment. This is simply noticing, paying attention and realizing that it is happening. Only in this way will we be able to put dedication and love into each task and, therefore, enjoy it.

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Count every second as if it were your last, and so You will realize the great magic of the moment.

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