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Skinny Boots: the fitted bootie that will blow your mind

If you’re a fan of boots of all styles, you’ve probably heard of skinny boots. The piece is a modern and daring version of the traditional boots, with a very tight fit in its length, as if it were a sock. The result is a very feminine and even sensual look.

This trend can be found in short, medium or long pipes, that is, there is something for all tastes and styles! According to Fashion Consultant Amanda Medeiros, its versatility allows for countless possibilities: “Today in fashion there are no rules. Everything can be used in any location, if combined well. The boot, for being tighter, has a sexy footprint that can be softened when used in more formal environments, or in the work environment. In addition, the final effect will depend on the style of who uses it”.

Did you like the idea and want some tips to include the skinny boot in your looks? Check out the suggestions below, with Amanda’s comments to get you out there rocking!

with jeans

The classic denim, like the skinny boot, is a universal piece that goes with practically everything. For Amanda, the secret of this combination lies in valuing the footwear: “The more tapered and shortened jeans models, or even bootcut jeans, are ideal to make the boot stand out”.​

with fluid pants

You know that very comfortable flare, pantalona or pantacourt? They are ideal to leave your look with a lot of personality. “The most charming combination with a more modern feel is the skinny boot with flowy pants. The contrast of volumes – the wide with the fair – gives a more stylish touch to the look”, says the professional.

with dress

For those looking for a very feminine production, this is the ideal combination. Even if the length of the piece is long or short, the skinny boot will be super welcome in the composition. Amanda’s tip: “the combination with a dress is very practical and helps to give an extra touch of refinement to the look, since the boot has this automatic ability to make the looks more tidy”.

7 skinny boots for you to buy

Find out where to buy the model that best fits your taste, personality and budget:

Where to buy

  1. Suede Ankle Boot Skinny from Corello
  2. Black lurex knit ankle boot, at Dumond
  3. Skinny Boots black, at Schutz
  4. Skinny Boots lurex silver, at Schutz
  5. Metallic Leather Boot, at Dafiti
  6. Black suede ankle boots from Taquilla
  7. Black Skinny Ankle Boot, in Corello

More looks with skinny boots

Get inspired by the most elegant and creative fashionista compositions on the internet:

Is there a more perfect combination than boot and beret?

With a short dress, the boot becomes the star of the makeup

Fold the hem of the jeans to make the shoe stand out

The shiny versions are ideal for those who love a bold look.

Over the overalls, the skinny boot is explicitly modern

Sometimes all we need is a white bootie

And those leaked details on the front? A knockout!

For a look full of attitude, bet on red

The most used model is the medium-high skinny boots.

Since they match everything from ripped jeans…

… Even a more sophisticated dress

With loose overalls, with that 1990s vibe

With a flowing dress, the look was even more elegant and refined.

And if you think there are limitations to wearing a skinny boot, you’re wrong. The piece fits any body type, regardless of the size of the upper: “The cut of the shoe (very tight on the shin and ankle line) can emphasize thicker thighs or wider hips, but this does not become an obstacle for those who want to disguise these most voluptuous regions. When combined with pantacourt pants, A-line skirts, loose dresses or more open-ended shorts, the visual balance is right!”, concludes Amanda.

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