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Santa tattoo: 90 ideas to immortalize and exalt your faith

With a strong presence in Catholic culture, the saints are a very striking representation in countries like Brazil. Thinking about it, some people think of immortalizing it in the form of art on their skin. In addition to being an ornament for the body, a tattoo of a saint is a way to demonstrate your faith.

For those who are Catholic and looking for a tattoo full of meaning, choosing the image of a woman who had her life dedicated to God can be an excellent bet!

Santa tattoo meaning

The saint tattoo represents a person who has had a life of love in union with God. It represents a trajectory of charity, virtue and faith, being an example for other Christians. This does not mean that the saints were perfect, but that they were exemplary people.

90 Santa tattoo photos to inspire you to get yours

Do you want to get a tattoo of a saint, but still in doubt about the ideal design? So check out the list below for some images that are a source of inspiration. There are a lot of models that include the most varied styles!

1. The Santa tattoo can be very delicate

2. And even count on a word

3. A colored part makes all the difference

4. But all black she is also beautiful

5. The fine line is pure charm

6. Even more if it is incremented with details

7. For those who like more color, this is a great option

8. Pointillism and geometric shapes make the Santa tattoo modern

9. And some flowers highlight the mantle

10. The saint can convey an image of serenity

11. Or even be very realistic

12. As in this option

13. How about getting a matching tattoo with a special person

14. How about a tattoo of a saint on the back?

15. The rosary helps to complement the design

16. Just look at this example

17. Watercolor helps to highlight the tattoo

18. The prayer position goes very well with the saint

19. Just like a cross and a heart

20. The Santa tattoo on the arm is highlighted

21. Especially if it’s big

22. And well filled with black

23. A well-done realistic tattoo looks beautiful

24. To obtain this result, it is important to look for a good professional

25. There are many styles to follow

26. You just have to choose what you like best

27. To then have a sensational tattoo on your body

28. Even if it’s simpler

29. The Santa tattoo is full of meaning

30. Especially if you are devoted to the chosen saint

31. Demonstrating your faith

32. This word can also compose the tattoo

33. Even accompanied by flowers

34. The old school tattoo is stylish

35. And it’s a good option for those looking for a lot of color

36. How about representing love together with the saint?

37. The heart helps to achieve this goal

38. The saint can count on modern characteristics

39. And with arabesques

40. After all, details make all the difference

41. As in this inspiration

42. It’s also worth putting the family in the middle

43. Or someone special

44. Like your mother

45. But you can also do it just to represent your belief

46. ​​Or even as a symbol of protection

47. It’s also a way to represent your love for your parents.

48. The tattoo of Santa on the hand is very visible

49. However, it is possible to obtain this result in various parts of the body

50. Even in its minimalist version

51. Or in a lively and very cheerful drawing

52. A great meaning can be represented by a small art

53. With faith and mantle in the spotlight, it’s hard not to love the result

54. There is also the alternative of the saint presenting a face of sadness

55. And even be a little darker

56. How about full of details?

57. Be them in pastel tones

58. Or with watercolor

59. Santa’s tattoo looks great big

60. And also very small

61. The saint can be enlightened

62. Or looking kind

63. It is possible to choose between several expressions

64. For the saint to pass on the message you want

65. Be of divinity

66. Or even love

67. Bet on your colors

68. And favorite shapes

69. So that the tattoo looks like you

70. Regardless of the chosen location

71.Your tattoo can be special

72. For that, it’s nice to talk well with the tattoo artist

73. For him to make a custom design for you

74. But having some references to present is also interesting

75. So you can show something similar to what you want

76. For him to develop a unique design

77. Especially for you

78. This way, you get a personalized tattoo

79. So, think carefully when choosing the professional

80. To find out if he works with the style you like

81. In this way, it is easier to achieve the desired goal

82. And the chance of having a tattoo your way is even greater

83. Another tip is not to forget the basic care that a tattoo needs

84. That way, she’ll be beautiful for a long time.

85. And you won’t have to think about touch ups anytime soon

86. Even if it’s full of details!

87. Show your faith any way you like

88. Be with a tattoo on your hand

89. On the lap

90. Or any other part of the body!

After checking out a list with so many inspirations, just choose what type of tattoo you like best and talk to a professional you trust. If you are still in doubt, check out some angel tattoo options, which also have very interesting proposals. After choosing the ideal tattoo, you can immortalize your faith in the skin!

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