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Red ombré hair: 50 ideas for women who love this bold color

The red ombré hair enhances the color world of this eye-catching shade. The technique is characterized by the gradual mixing of red and another color, usually starting with the natural tone of the root and ending with the fiery color at the tips. Next, get inspired by different styles of this hair and learn how to reproduce it at home!

50 hair with red ombré hair to shine in color

Depending on the image you want to convey, the tones can vary from pink to copper or cherry red. The combinations in this palette are endless and they all extol the strength that the color red has. See the inspirations and choose your favorite:

1. The curly red ombré hair brightens

2. In addition to highlighting all the beauty of the curls

3. And make the ombré gradient super subtle

4. Red color can be darker

5. Or very strong, the color of flames

6. You can only highlight the tips

7. Or make the red gradient and tend to blonde

8. Look how beautiful it looks!

9. Red locks attract attention

10. Even in short red ombré hair

11. In redheads, the tones mix

12. And they exalt this beautiful color even more

13. Remember to leave your hair hydrated

14. Because the chemistry can damage the locks

15. Keep your hair schedule up to date

16. Well, that way, you can abuse the curling iron

17. And why not use red accessories?

18. Or even whites to contrast

19. Do you prefer defined curves?

20. Or more natural?

21. How about a red ombré hair with bangs?

22. Look how cute and powerful it looks at the same time!

23. This Powerful Hair Is Celebrity Worthy

24. And even when red is discreet

25. Tending to Marsala

26. Or for the pink

27. The color mix looks amazing

28. Including ombré hair marsala in brunette

29. The game of red tones leaves the strands shining

30. And you can even combine nails and makeup

31. Subtle red at the root also looks great on ombré

32. But it also looks great from length to ends

33. What do you think of braids to stand out even more?

34. Or a red ombré hair on brown hair?

35. Stylish hair changes your image

36. Check out this bold red and yellow ombré

37. And this one that mixes red and blonde?

38. When the technique mixes red, blonde and rose

39. Makes the wires even more trendy

40. Do you prefer to make a more delicate brush?

41. Or a smooth red ombré hair on the flat iron?

42. Likes a deep red better

43. Or open to the blonde?

44. Pink red is also an option

45. Although some prefer discretion

46. ​​But the important thing is that you show your best self

47. Extolling your personality

48. With hairstyles you love

49. And getting attention or not

50. Your beauty will be unique!

Liked? Now just run to your favorite salon and do the wire transformation! But calm down: if you prefer to do this at home, the following topic will help you.

How to make red ombre hair at home

Here, we separate the best videos for those who like to venture out with hair dyes and internet tutorials. Learn how to make the red ombré hair at home and rock like you left the salon! Look that:

Understated red ombre hair

Learn how to make a red ombré hair at home and check out all the beauty tricks that Valéria has to make your day to day easier. The style she chose is discreet, but looks very elegant. Check out!

cherry red ombre hair

Here you will learn how to make cherry red ombré. The hairdresser uses the technique on brown hair that was fading to gold, and the result was incredible. Watch!

red ombré fire

The ombré fire mixes the red and blonde tones and to get this one you need to pay attention to the history of chemistry in your hair. In the video, you’ll see Mandy’s paint tips, and learn how to make and maintain the style.

ombre hair marsala

In this video, you will learn how to make an ombré hair pulled to the marsala tone. Watch to check out the bleaching powder and mask tips Bianca used!

red curly ombre hair

Want to learn how to dye the ends of your hair red on your curly hair? So watch this tutorial and check out how to do it without damaging the hair fiber.

Amazing, isn’t it? Red represents passion and warmth, and adding a splash of red to your locks is a surefire way to draw attention to any crowd. And if you’re really going to stick with this color for good, see how to take care of red hair.

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