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Purple Symbolism: What Does the Color Purple Mean Spiritually? – Eclectic Witchcraft

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Purple symbolism is very versatile and with its many shades, it’s no wonder purple is such a common color in witchcraft. Whether you love purple or not, there’s no denying that this color holds a special place in many people’s hearts.

The color purple has been used throughout history as a symbol of royalty and importance as it was rare at the time to produce this color in dyes. Today it is also used to represent wisdom, spirituality, psychic power and creativity, among other things.

I often use the color purple in my witchcraft. I like to burn a purple candle when using my tarot cards or any other type of divination. I also use it to represent spirituality in my spells.

The color purple is associated with various spiritual energies. The color is related to the crown chakra, which controls the body’s energy and is the gateway to enlightenment.

In witchcraft, purple has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits and protect against harm done by other people.

If you are going through something that makes you feel like someone is trying to harm you energetically or otherwise, I would recommend lighting a purple candle and placing a piece of amethyst in your bedroom or room where you spend the night will spend.

Purple and the chakras

The color purple has been associated with the third eye chakra in relation to spirituality and the occult. This is because the color is used to activate psychic abilities, vision and more spiritual concepts.

The color purple has also been associated with the crown chakra, which is an important area for enlightenment. The crown chakra is also the chakra associated with spirituality, so it should come as no surprise that purple and spiritual concepts are linked.

Purple for spiritual protection

Purple is a very protective color that works well for many different spells, e.g. B. to protect against evil spirits or people trying to energetically damage you through a negative spell or a hex that a rival of yours put on you.

With purple candles and crystals, you can create a protective barrier that keeps all negativity at bay. Imagine a purple egg around you or your home to build a wall of spiritual protection.

Purple in your home

Purple is a good color for those who want to avoid and shut out negativity. If you frequently interact with negative people or live in a negative environment, consider using purple in your home. Purple has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits and protect against harm from other people.

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If you are going through something that makes you feel like someone is trying to harm you energetically or otherwise, I would recommend lighting a purple candle and placing a piece of amethyst in your bedroom or room where you spend the night will spend.

In feng shui, purple should be placed in the southeast corner of your home. This placement can give you peace of mind and help you focus on your goals.

Purple is the ultimate color of abundance and prosperity in Feng Shui. Purple symbolizes nobility, luxury and wealth. This color encourages creativity and imagination. Use purple in your decor when you want to inspire your kids or co-workers to achieve great things. The color purple is a wonderful choice for bedrooms as it promotes rest and relaxation.

Positive characteristics of the color purple

The color purple can represent self-sacrifice, psychic awareness, spiritual awareness, oneness with the universe, wisdom, sexuality, wealth, royalty, and self-care.

The color purple can also represent royalty and luxury, as historically having purple dyes was considered a luxury. The color was so rare that it was often reserved for only the most important people in society.

In this way, purple also represents self-care and the ability to emotionally heal from trauma. Purple is a calming color that stimulates creativity and imagination.

A purple aura represents spiritual awareness and openness of mind. Purple is also a calming color and an excellent color for meditation.

Purple is associated with all things related to the spiritual realm. Purple is used for healing as it is a calming color that stimulates the mind and helps you feel more centered and calm.

The color purple can also represent selflessness as it represents oneness with the universe.

Negative characteristics of the color purple

Purple can represent sadness, wild ambition, extravagance and vanity. Challenges presented by the color purple include being overly emotional, overly sensual, and overly dependent on others.

Purple is also a color that feels overwhelming to some spiritual people as it can bring you into a trance-like state where it is easy to lose touch with reality. The color purple is also associated with evil, depression and the devil.

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While purple represents spirituality, healing, and psychic abilities, among other things, it can also represent greed and deceit. In fact, purple has been associated with greed since ancient times. It was such a coveted color worn by royalty in the past because it was difficult to create this color using natural dyes. If you were someone from the royal family, you would want to wear as much purple as possible to demonstrate your importance.

Purple also represents cheating in some cultures. It is also often associated with witchcraft and magic in general, which may have negative connotations for some.

The History of Purple Colors

The color purple has been associated with the occult and spirituality since ancient times. An example of this is in ancient Rome, purple was used for royalty. Purple was also used for the higher classes, making purple a color reserved only for those wealthy enough to buy it. Even today, many consider purple a symbol of luxury or status.

Persian King Cyrus was the first king to use purple to show off his wealth and power. Purple has been used by military leaders and royalty for thousands of years to demonstrate their importance and wealth.

Some Roman emperors forbade all purple fabrics to be worn by the lower classes. This was because purple was associated with royalty and those of higher status. It was also considered a luxury to wear purple dye, so the Roman emperors wanted to ensure that those in the lower classes could not wear that color at all.

Tyrian Purple is one of the earliest known purples. It was a very expensive and rare form of purple made from the Murex shellfish. This color became popular throughout Europe and the Middle East during the Middle Ages.

A gram of Tyrian Purple made with the original formula would cost two thousand euros today. It was made from ten thousand mollusks. So we can see why this color was so prized and so rare.

There is even a woman in the Bible who sells purple dye. Her name was Lydia, and she was a very successful businesswoman in an already prosperous city.

Purple as a symbol of power

The color purple has played a significant role in the history of royalty, reserved only for those who had the means to afford it. Throughout history, purple has also been used as a symbol of leadership or power.

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The color purple can symbolize royalty and power in a number of ways. It can be a way of demonstrating money, sensuality and sexuality just like you would see with the color red. Or it can also be a way of making someone feel powerful or making them feel like they have authority over someone else.

Purple and Psychic Power or Awareness

The color purple is also associated with psychic powers and spiritual awareness. Purple is often used in occult rituals to represent energy entering the third eye chakra.

The third eye chakra is associated with vision, creativity, imagination, psychic abilities, intuition and much more. Purple is also a color that has been associated for centuries with awakening the mind and spiritual awareness as it can relax the mind and help it focus.

In this way, Lila can help you to expand your consciousness or awaken your psychic abilities.

The crown chakra represents the energy of the soul and is associated with spirituality. When this chakra becomes blocked it can cause you to feel disconnected from the universe or other people. Purple crystals can help unblock this chakra and stimulate spiritual awareness.

Purple crystals and gems

Many purple, lavender and violet crystals and gems can be used to enhance psychic abilities, enhance meditation and increase our magic. Here are some of them:

Amethyst: Amethyst is a great crystal to keep nearby if you’re looking to increase your psychic abilities. Amethyst can also be used to help you connect to the spiritual realm and can be used for protection.

sugilite: Sugilite is a unique purple crystal commonly found in Brazil. Sugilite can help you connect to love and divine energies while being a crystal for meditation. Sugilite equivalents include spirituality, kindness, intuition, communication, and unity.

ametrine: Ametrine is purple and yellow crystal that has a spiritual meaning of unity. This crystal is often used to enhance your psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and long-distance vision. When attempting to live off one’s psychic abilities, ametrine combines psychic abilities with abundance and prosperity.

lepidolites: A unique purple crystal with a strong vibration of spirituality, Lepidolite can help you connect to the spiritual realm. Lepidolite is also used to increase your psychic abilities and psychic powers…

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