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Pole dance: the activity capable of changing your self-esteem

Pole dancing is a great alternative for those who want to exercise in a fun way and invest in sensuality. Its practice involves burning calories, strengthening and flexibility, positive points whatever the sporting activity. Its practice is suitable for any age and everyone can develop skills in the area with a few months of training.

How about betting on this different dance to improve your self-confidence, physical health and reduce stress? Pole dancing can be the right choice to replace the monotony of the gym and bring excitement to your routine.

What is pole dancing?

Pole dancing is an activity that works on the physical conditioning and balance of those who practice through dancing around a polished metal bar, with its essence in sensuality. Its origin is in India and in the circus activities of the United States in the 1920s. Its history in Brazil dates back to 2008, the year in which the first specialized school was opened in the country, in Curitiba.

The movements involve acrobatics such as, for example, ascents, descents and jumps at the height of the bar, putting the practitioner’s degree of mobility into play. The activity borrows gestures from ballet, gymnastics and contemporary dance, displaying static and agile positions, with or without the bar for support.

Their workouts require strength and flexibility, in addition to promoting muscle toning and lean mass gain through the development of strength throughout the body, focusing on the back and abdomen region. Music is also a confirmed presence in this practice, influencing with its rhythms the dance movements that make the classes great spaces to express yourself.

Benefits of pole dancing

Pole dancing is a lot of fun and full of benefits for the athlete. Its benefits range from burning calories to relieving psychological stress. Check out some of the gains that student Ana Isadora Meneguetti indicated as characteristic of this sport:

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Improved flexibility

If you’re one of those people who can’t even bend down to pick up a coin, pole dancing can be of great help. It requires you to improve your flexibility and helps your body to be in constant physical changes.

sleep improvement

Sports activities collaborate to make the body feel more physically tired, a situation which leads you to sleep better, since you have spent the amount of energy stored during the day. After a series of good nights sleep, you will notice positive changes in your day.

calorie burn

One of the best benefits of pole dancing is calorie burning. Each hour and a half class consumes 600 calories. The result will be a decrease in your measurements and a few pounds less on the scale.

Improvement in self-esteem

How about gaining confidence and raising your self-esteem through this activity? That’s what a pole dance class provides. As this practice has roots in sensuality, the person ends up discovering qualities that they never imagined. Overcoming new challenges every class allows for great personal achievements and this is great for your mental health.

muscle strengthening

Pole dancing works both aerobics and strengthening the muscles of the body, as in traditional gym weight training. So, after some time of class you will notice an increase in lean mass, due to the work of the muscles and obviously you will also notice a loss of fat and toning of the physique.

musicality gain

Playing sports that involve music is wonderful for improving your notions of musicality. This quality represents your ability to create or perform music and also a greater sensitivity to contemplating melodies.

improvement in balance

Practices that force the athlete to take flight also require that balance is at a high level. The more confident you are that your body does not have any wobbles or deviations, the better the movement and the greater your benefits.

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The amount of positive points of this sport is impressive. So many benefits make pole dancing a perfect option not only for those who want to take care of their physical body, but also for those who care about other aspects of their health.

Who can practice?

There are no age restrictions for those who wish to exercise with pole dancing. According to pole dance practitioner, Ana Isadora Meneguetti, it is possible to find special classes destined for sensual, fitness, contemporary, exotic and artistic pole, seeking to cover everyone who is interested in the activity.

To start training, just register and start running with the teachers, with one or two classes a week for beginners. The performance gain varies according to the predisposition of each one, depending on several factors. But everyone has the ability to reach high degrees of difficulty, the rule is to dedicate yourself.


Whatever the activity, precaution is extremely important. In this case it is no different, there are rules and some precautions that must be followed. The main ones were highlighted by the pole dance teacher, Cris Silva:

  • Do not practice the activity if you are injured. The intensity of the movements can aggravate problems such as, for example, herniated discs;
  • It is prudent to avoid the practice if you are experiencing a flare-up of labyrinthitis. The characteristic turns of the sport can worsen the dizziness caused by the disease;
  • If you are under high stress, it is recommended that you look for a way to relieve tension before exercising at the bar. Tightening of the muscles, caused by high levels of stress or anxiety, can impair movement;
  • Always warm up your body before exercising so that you perform at your best.
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Paying attention to safety aspects, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. Following these tips won’t go wrong, right?

Learn more about pole dancing

With so much information, anyone’s curiosity to know more about this practice is touched. Check out some videos to learn more about the movements of this activity full of benefits:

Warm-up and stretching movements for pole dancing

To practice pole dancing, it is necessary to follow a sequence of stretching and warm-up movements that vary according to the class. An hour of exercise, for example, requires about 15 minutes of preparation.

strength training

Pole dancing requires a lot of physical strength from practitioners. How about checking out some movements responsible for boosting this strengthening work? It seems difficult, but those who train say that with due dedication it is possible to reach the most complicated levels.

Pole dance choreography

Pole dancing can be your passport to the world of dance. One of the coolest points of this activity is the involvement with the musical universe combined with the elements of training with the barbell. Venturing into choreography can be a lot of fun!

It is impossible not to be amazed at demonstrations of this enchanting practice. Working out with the possibility of having fun and developing your sensuality even more while gaining health is all good.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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