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Pink eyeshadow: 40 inspirations for you to embrace this trend

If pink eyeshadow sounds like something childish to you, know that for some time now, things have changed completely.

Between appearances at fashion weeks, awards shows and popular parties such as the Met Gala, color seems to have finally been reappropriated by women to gain a different meaning, now powerful, striking and irreverent.

As if that weren’t enough, the pink eyeshadow is also extremely democratic, valuing all skin types and eye color. As proof, just check out the selection of inspirations below:

1. Since the subject is inspiration, let’s start with this bold look with a foot in the 80s

2. Decade that, by the way, also served as inspiration for this look here

3. If blushing isn’t your thing, don’t worry, pink is for you too

4. Tutorial: this video teaches another smooth option (step by step)

5. As is also the case with this one

6. Another cool thing about the pink eyeshadow is that it works really well without too many gradients

7. And that goes for the lighter shades…

8. … as for the darkest

9. The glossy effect is another good tip for using the pink eyeshadow

10. With black pencil, the pink eyeshadow is also super elegant

11. Step by step: then you can bet on the combination with outlined in this video (tutorial)

12. And if you play on false eyelashes

13. But if you want to mix colors it’s also free, see?

14. Tutorial: here you learn how to make a look with pink and brown (step by step)

15. Here’s a tip that it goes very well with purple

16. And who said that mixing colors can’t be done with lipstick?

17. Video: look at the pink and brown again (step by step)

18. Taking advantage of the fact that the subject is color, have you realized that Carnival is coming?

19. You can take the pink to the pad

20. For that, combining it with graphics is also pretty cool

21. As with colored mascara

22. Back to normal programming with this makeup to rock the weekend

23. If the event is in prime time, try to mix it with darker tones

24.Tutorial: pink and black smokey to wear at night (step by step)

25. Leaving the pink in the inner corner of the eye is also a charm

26. But why save if putting it on the entire eyelid looks so amazing?

27. Tutorial: party makeup with pink, coral and glitter eyeshadow (step by step

28. Those who have colored hair can also invest in the trend

29. Oh, if you can!

30. Not only can, but must!

31. Step by step: learn how to do pink and purple eye makeup (tutorial)

32. And since it’s about to fall…

33. Now that you’ve seen several inspirations, let’s review! Pink matches eyeliner…

34. Tutorial: smoky rose quartz with 60s eyeliner (step by step)

35. With a more diffused black pencil

36. Looks great in vibrant tones

37. Or more drawn to the pastel

38. With glitter? A knockout!

39. Step by step: pink makeup with glitter (tutorial)

40. Anyway, bet on pink with everything and the way you want!

For those who liked the inspirations, but don’t have shades of pink in the eyeshadow palette, a tip is to test the look by replacing the eyeshadow with a blush, since they usually have a rosy tone. Another important tip is to finish the look with plenty of mascara, as it will prevent the look of a tired eye.

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