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Newborn photoshoot: immortalize your newborn’s moments

Photographing children, especially when they are babies, is a desire of most parents. Children grow fast and photographing them seems to be the best way to immortalize each phase and moment of children. From this desire, the newborn photo shoot was born, which is nothing more than a photo shoot made in the first days of the child’s life.

As the newborn shoot is about photographing newborns, it is essential that some care is taken before deciding to take the photos. Seeking references from the professional who will be hired is of paramount importance. It’s also important to book a date with the photographer even before the baby is born, so you don’t risk the date being unavailable.

Photographer Roni Sanches comments that the shoot begins with planning: “the baby’s parents choose the desired scenarios and together with the accessories they like the most, the team prepares the set where the photos are taken with the total hygiene of the accessories and environment”, comment. The newborn shoot should mainly make the newborn comfortable, so the studios where the photos are taken are usually air-conditioned to keep the baby warm and comfortable.

20 ideas to include in your baby shoot

Deciding on some production details in advance is very important. For this, it is common for parents to talk to the hired photographer and see what he has available to take the photos. Parents also have the option of bringing items to compose the scenes, if they wish. For parents who decide to take the photos at home, it is possible to take advantage of some of the decoration items that already exist in the place.

To have creative ideas, it is essential to see many inspirations to compose the entire production. Remembering that being inspired by a photo does not mean copying, but rather taking advantage of some visual elements of inspiration to create a totally new photo. Check out 20 amazing ideas below for you to be inspired by your baby’s newborn shoot:

1. Colorful walk

This photograph has a lot of rustic details. Based on this inspiration, it is possible to order a bed with an artisan from your city and the painting can be done at home with wood paint and brush. A blanket can be used to cover the bed. The special touch is the wooden toy, which can be a toy that has been in the family for many generations.

2. Wagon and flowers

The white and velvety background is composed of a very fluffy blanket or rug. The cart can be made by a craftsman or purchased at home decor stores. The color of the photo is on account of the flowers, which can be natural or artificial.

3. Railroad, tulle and flowers

Get inspired by this photo composing a princess scenario for your newborn. Lace with tulle forms a sophisticated mosquito net with flower details. The newborn wears a tulle that harmonizes with the mosquito net and a tiara.

4. Gift boxes

Your baby is a valuable gift. Get inspired by this photo with a scenario made up of gift boxes and your newborn inside one of them. It is important that the boxes are resistant so that they do not break during the test.

5. Fruit box

The main item in the composition of this scenario can be made from a box of fruits and vegetables that is easily found in supermarkets. The box can be used in its rustic form or it can also be painted and have details of your choice. Line the box to keep baby comfortable.

6. Sand trolley with baby stroller wheels

This decoration idea is possible to make a sand cart, those for children and baby cart wheels. Elements such as toys or flowers can also be added to the photo as per preference.

7. Baby inside the cup

Large cups like the one in the photo can be found at home decor and garden stores. To complement the production it is possible to add flowers, ribbons and blanket inside the cup in the same shades.

8. Wicker basket

One of the most common productions in newborn rehearsals is the presence of wicker baskets. This type of basket is easily found in decoration and craft stores, or it can be made at home by those with artisanal talents. Remember to line the basket with a fluffy blanket.

9. Vintage baby carriage and angel wings

Angel wings can be found at specialty costume stores or can be made at home from white feathers glued together in ascending order. Tulles, lace and accessories in white make the photo angelic.

10. Vintage suitcase

From this inspiration you can use an old suitcase that you have at home or you can also look for decoration stores. Make sure the suitcase securely houses the baby on top and line it with a blanket.

11. Wire basket

For this photo idea, you can find baskets like this in decoration, craft and gardening stores. To complement the composition use blankets and backgrounds of your choice.

12. Fuzzy bottom

To make a plush background like the one in the photo, you can hang blankets, blankets and even rugs. Make sure everything is well sanitized to keep your baby safe.

13. Twins

If you had twin babies it is possible to compose cute pictures together like this inspiration. Or also, if someone you know had a baby at the same time as you, how about inviting them for photos with your baby?

14. Network

If you want an outdoor photo like this inspiration, it is of paramount importance that the weather on the day is pleasant for a newborn. Too cold or too hot are obstacles to realizing this idea. If the weather is pleasant, remember to make sure the baby is secure in the pose in which he is placed in the hammock.

15. Crown

Crowns can be easily found at jewelry stores. In order for her to stay in the desired place, poses like the one in the photo help to support her.

16. Basket with handle

This inspiration follows the same idea as the other productions with baskets. The differential is due to the possibility of the handle being held or hanging, always valuing the safety of the baby.

17. Wrap

The wrap consists of a fabric to wrap the baby in the shape of a cocoon. It is important that the fabric used is soft and elastic.

18. Characterization

Following the theme of the photo, it is also possible to characterize the baby with other ideas. Woolen caps can be made in the shape of animal ears (cat, rabbit, dog, etc.) or characters. This theme is to unleash creativity!

19. Miniature bed

Photo: Reproduction / Nathália Adamuchio Photography

In addition to the miniature bed, it is possible to compose the photo scene with other miniature items: nightstands, wardrobe, lamps and whatever else your imagination sends.

20. Miniature Chair

The idea of ​​miniature objects is very common in newborn shoots and the result is always cute. In this photo a miniature chair was used, but it is also possible to use other items, such as a sofa.

5 newborn photoshoot questions answered

Many doubts surround this type of photoshoot, but the main question is whether the photos pose risks to the newborn. Photographer Tainan Basile helps solve these doubts. Check out:

1. What must be decided before the test?

Some things can be decided before the shoot, but others happen based on the newborn’s conditions at the time of the photos. It is very unpredictable to establish, for example, which and how many poses will be taken during the rehearsal. Everything will depend on the baby: “often we idealize a pose, but the baby doesn’t always allow it”, comments Tainan. It is essential that the baby’s limits are respected.

As for the location, it is important that it is chosen in advance, but it can vary. Some photographers take the photos in the studio, but there is also the possibility of doing it at the baby’s house. Tainan comments that the advantage of taking pictures at the baby’s house is that “it’s more comfortable for the mother and it’s the environment that the baby is most used to. So it doesn’t get out of the routine so much.”

The duration of the trial varies depending on the baby. If the newborn is calmer and sleeps easily, the rehearsal tends to be faster. “On average, about 3 hours need to be reserved for the test”, comments Tainan.

2. Who prepares the production: the parents or the professional?

Production is carried out by contract professionals. Parents usually make contact with the professional and choose the productions they like: “the professional is responsible for providing all the material for the rehearsal, blankets, backgrounds, baskets…”, says Tainan. The only items parents must provide are personal items: pacifiers, clothing and accessories.

3. What is the average amount charged for a newborn session?

The value can vary a lot depending on the professional hired, the number of photos that will be delivered and the way the photos will be delivered (albums, digital photography, different sizes, etc). “Among professionals with experience and time in the market, the test can vary from 1200 to 2000, and may be higher, depending on the materials delivered.”, comments Tainan.

4. Is there any risk in exposing the newborn to photos?

There is no risk in exposing newborns to photos, as long as there is respect for the parties involved and the baby’s limits are respected. “The biggest risk is to hire an unqualified professional to perform this type of test, since the newborn test requires specific knowledge to do so”, recommends Tainan.

Therefore, when deciding to perform a newborn photoshoot, make sure that the professional has experience in this type of test and, if possible, seek references.

5. How long after birth is it recommended to have a newborn session?

Generally, the newborn rehearsal is performed from the 5th day of life to the 14th. Tainan recommends that even within this period, the earlier the better: “this period is when their sleep is the deepest and the cramps have not yet appeared”, he recommends.

Tips and inspirations for shooting yourself

To perform the newborn session there is also the option of taking the photos yourself. In addition to the savings in the amount that would be spent paying a professional, the advantage of doing the photoshoot yourself is that the baby will be much more comfortable because he is already familiar with the person who will take the photos.

If you like and understand a little about photography, it can be very simple to take photos of your newborn. Check out some tutorials and inspirations below to do the newborn shoot yourself:

How to photograph baby at home by Flávia Calina

In this video, blogger Flávia Calina gives tips on how to assemble the production and costumes for the photos. She also shows a tutorial for creating a fake background to photograph your baby at home. The video also gives tips on natural and artificial lighting. Although the video is about tips for photographing babies of all ages, the tips can also apply to photographing newborns.

Newborn essay: do it yourself by Jamylle Paiva

In addition to ideas for poses and scenarios, Jamylle Paiva gives some simple and practical editing tips. Jamylle’s biggest tip is that for the rehearsal to look beautiful,…

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