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16 low carb pancake recipes for a practical and tasty meal

With the precept of reducing the amount of carbohydrates ingested daily, the low carb diet has become very popular nowadays. With this, it is essential to increase fiber intake, to ensure the feeling of satiety and the proper functioning of the intestine.

It is important to note that a low carb diet does not eliminate the consumption of carbohydrates from the diet, which would be highly harmful to the body. This only reduces its quantity and prioritizes low glycemic index foods, guaranteeing the dose of energy necessary for the balance of our body’s functions.

With the popularity of this diet, many traditional recipes gained their low-carb versions, making it possible to expand the menu of soups, pasta, snacks, breads and even sweets.

Among these options, pancakes are a great choice for those looking for a quick and practical meal, allowing them to unleash their creativity both when preparing their dough and when choosing the filling. Here is a selection of low carb pancake recipes to add to your menu:

Savory low cab pancakes

1. Low carb pancake with ham dough: here, instead of preparing a low carb dough recipe, the author of the recipe chose to use her own ham and cheese to roll the pancakes. As the chosen filling, ground beef sautéed with onion, salt and pepper, parsley and chopped boiled eggs. Top with homemade tomato sauce and grated Parmesan cheese.

2. Low carb green pancake without flour: using eggs and spinach in its base, this pancake is, in fact, a type of omelet without the characteristic flavor of the dish, and can be rolled up and receive the filling of your choice. In this suggestion, the pancake with green dough was stuffed with light cheese, turkey breast and chives. To finish, it is necessary to take it to the frying pan, so that the cheese melts.

3. Easy and quick low carb pancake: the dough takes ingredients such as egg whites, soy fiber, skimmed milk, yeast and salt. To prepare it, just hit the ingredients in the blender, grease the frying pan with a thread of olive oil and pour half of the dough. After about two minutes, flip to brown the other side. This recipe makes two pancakes.

4. Low carb crepioca pancake: with the light dough and white cream, this version uses tapioca starch, eggs and yeast in the preparation of the dough. For the filling, the author opted for shredded chicken and catupiry, but the latter can be dispensed with if you want a less caloric recipe. The white cream and Parmesan cheese added to the already rolled and stuffed pancake complete the recipe.

5. Low carb pancake with chickpea flour: another gluten-free option, this recipe still doesn’t use milk of animal origin, but almond milk, a great replacement for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk protein. In addition to the chickpeas, the dough is also made with chia seeds, increasing the nutritional value of the pancake.

6. Low carb pancake without any flour: made with few ingredients, it does not use any type of flour in its preparation. To make the dough, simply mix eggs, cream, grated Parmesan cheese and your favorite seasonings in a bowl. Put it in the skillet and brown on both sides. The author also gives a suggestion of white sauce to accompany the filling of your choice.

7. Low carb spinach and chia pancake: spinach is used to prepare the dough, resulting in a green pancake with high doses of iron, calcium, vitamins A and B complex. Spinach leaves must be beaten in a blender accompanied by an egg, two whites, a tablespoon of chia, in addition to salt and black pepper to taste.

8. Low carb microwave pancake: if you want practicality, this is the ideal recipe for you. Instead of being fried, the dough is microwaved in a glass container. Prepared with flour and oats, eggs, almond flour, curd, fresh cream, salt and chemical yeast, it can have any filling to be tasted.

9. Low carb protein pancake (zero carb): the pasta uses zero carbohydrates in its preparation, making it ideal for a more restricted diet. To prepare it, cottage cheese, raw eggplant, coconut oil, egg whites, yeast and a protein supplement with the flavor of your choice.

10. Low carb pancake with coconut butter: using coconut flour as a base, this recipe still takes eggs, water, coconut butter, baking soda and lemon juice. With a neutral flavor, it can be used with sweet or savory side dishes, allowing creativity to run wild.

sweet low carb pancakes

11. Low carb gluten-free pancake: wildcard recipe, it can be used to prepare pancakes or waffles, as long as the specific machine is used for its preparation. The gluten-free mix, ideal for coeliacs or allergy sufferers, is prepared with unsweetened shredded coconut, golden flaxseed flour and grated parmesan. When mixed with coconut milk, yeast and eggs, it results in a tasty and versatile dough.

12. Low carb pancake with cocoa: ideal for those days when chocolate is essential, this dough has unsweetened cocoa powder. In addition to cocoa, the pancake still has almond flour, boiled zucchini, egg whites and baking powder.

13. Low carb coconut pancake with strawberries: a great suggestion to be tasted for breakfast, this pancake is made with egg, unsweetened finely grated coconut, tapioca starch, stevia, baking powder and strawberries cut into pieces. After frying your pancake, add more strawberries for a punchy flavor.

14. Functional sweet low carb pancake: with a mouth-watering look, this pancake is accompanied by a peanut butter sauce with agave and figs in pieces. For your dough, just mix the oat flour, brown sugar, yeast, cinnamon and water in a container, taking the dough to the skillet to brown on both sides.

15. Low carb banana pancake with peanut butter: using only 4 ingredients, this pancake becomes a good option for a quick breakfast. In its preparation go the ingredients: eggs, bananas, cinnamon and peanut butter. To fill them, bet on fruits, such as the suggestion of chopped bananas, or even on various jellies.

16. Low carb healthy banana pancake: for this version, the banana and eggs remain, but the dough still gains the oat bran, adding more nutritional value and ensuring more fiber to the dish. The use of yeast is optional, according to the personal taste of each one.

Simple and easy to make, these low carb pancake recipes are able to open up a range of meal options, whether for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or supper, the sweet and savory options will provide delicious flavors, without weighing you down. in consciousness. Choose your favorite and get to work!

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