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Muffins: 20 recipes for the world famous English muffin

Muffins are those English dumplings that conquer everyone and are widely consumed in the United States, for example. There are so many possible flavors that inspired us to select these mouthwatering recipes. Follow next!

1. Lemon muffin with condensed milk

Recipe in which condensed milk is added to the dough with the zest and juice of a Tahiti lemon. Finally, you can sprinkle powdered sugar on your muffins. See all the details in the step by step!

2. Chocolate banana muffin

This is that preparation to do with the kids, because it’s very easy and quick. Enhance the muffin with sliced ​​bananas and lots of chocolate chips!

3. Banana Cinnamon Muffin

Banana + cinnamon make the perfect combination! Here, you add cinnamon to the dough and sliced ​​bananas on top, before putting it in the oven. Feel free to sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on the warm muffins!

4. Apple muffins

How about preparing apple muffins with pieces of fruit and a touch of cinnamon? The best part is that you don’t waste anything as the apple peels are also used in the dough.

5. Strawberry Muffins

This preparation has a crunchy aspect on top, as it has a “cover” made with cold butter, wheat flour, brown sugar and refined sugar. Strawberries enhance the flavors even more. Try it!

6. Muffin with chocolate chips

Make wonderful muffins with this recipe: it has a simple dough, but it looks divine with the chocolate chips and you can add a touch of vanilla. Try it!

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7. Red fruit muffins

Nothing better than a fluffy pasta full of red fruits, right? Even better is the practicality of this recipe, which is ready in minutes!

8. Chocolate muffins

This muffin has chocolate powder in the dough and chopped semisweet chocolate. He’s everything you need to call your friends and try it out!

9. Cornmeal muffin with guava

Ideal recipe to accompany coffee! In it, there are two classics of our cuisine: guava and cornmeal. Nothing prevents you from adding bits of cheese to this combination, turning it into Romeo and Juliet.

10. Muffin with hazelnut flour and chocolate chips

The hazelnut flour has a remarkable taste and is the differential of this preparation. Plus, she makes a super duo with chocolate. Check out!

11. Starbucks Blueberry Muffins

This is the recipe for the famous blueberry muffin (or blueberry) that is present in many movies and series. Plus, it’s one of Starbucks’ biggest attractions. Check out the video and get to work!

12. Vegan Apple Muffin

A proposal free of gluten and ingredients of animal origin, but which maintains the taste and texture. Plus, you’ll be using whole apples, with no waste.

13. Fit apple muffin

Fit option in which the apple, once again, is the protagonist, being used with the skin as well. To spice it up, you can put cashews on top and ensure a lot of crunch!

14. Savory Parmesan Muffin

Savory muffins are extremely tasty and are perfect for those who are not a big fan of sweets. This first one is with Parmesan cheese – which is even au gratin on top!

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15. Salted muffin with ham

This is a quick preparation and with a different touch on the dough. That’s because you will need wheat flour, mayonnaise, milk, ham, parsley and salt. Mix all the ingredients, put it in the molds and put it in the oven.

16. Savory muffin with ham and mozzarella

The filling of the time is composed of ham, mozzarella and grated parmesan. The tip to balance the flavors is to add, in addition to the salt, a spoon (soup) of sugar.

17. Salted pepperoni and curd cheese muffin

What leaves the perfect texture in this preparation is the natural yogurt, responsible for the lightness of the dough. When you add the pepperoni, onion and curd cheese, you will have an explosion of flavors!

18. Wholemeal Chicken Muffin

This recipe takes flaxseed flour, eggs, salt, grated carrots, shredded chicken, water, wholemeal flour, parsley and chives. A preparation to be served even at lunch or dinner!

19. Vegan Savory Vegetable Muffin

In this vegan preparation, vegetables reign supreme, and it can be made with whatever you have at home: tomatoes, onions, olives, carrots, broccoli… Just let your imagination run wild!

20. Fit Salted Carrot Muffin

This muffin has a beautiful carrot color. It still takes eggs, milk, brown rice flour, coconut oil, pink salt and yeast. Delicious and fit at the same time!

Now that you have these wonderful muffin recipes in hand, you can choose your favorites and enjoy them at any meal. To accompany, check out fruit combinations to make delicious juices!

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