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Morphopsychology: your facial features indicate your personality

Did you know that your facial features can say a lot about your personality? Find out what science says about it, you probably feel very identified!

Prepare for a deep journey to the most intimate part of your personality through your facial features. Below I propose a tour of morphopsychology, the science that studies character through observation of the face.

It is popularly said that the face is the mirror of the soul. There is no doubt that that phrase is very accurate. The wise men of ancient times deduced it with much less means than those of today. At the moment, Science itself has been able to reveal what we hide under the look, the smile or the tear..

What is morphopsychology?

Morphopsychology is a science that studies character through the observation of the different elements that make up the face.. Among its tasks is the discovery of human attitudes and aptitudes, the understanding of individuals and a way of knowing personality.

Morphopsychology brings together three scientific fields of great importancecovering psychology, physiology and the biology of human beings for their studies.

That is to say, a student of morphopsychology, with patient and continued observation of facial features, can know a lot about the needs and desires of another person.

“There is no being without a body, the body expresses our vitality, the body remembers everything, it retains the traces of the past and sometimes the promises of the future.”

-Julián Gabarre-

Morphopsychology in current culture

Despite not being a very widespread science, a fact that is incomprehensible given its great usefulness for getting to know other people and ourselves, there are some interesting examples within popular culture.

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Talk later from a North American series, which enjoyed some success in our country: “Lie to me” (“Lie to me”) . It starred American actor Tim Roth and focused on a criminal investigation group. This peculiar department had the task of resolving cases in which to determine whether within the testimonies of the guilty party or the witnesses, there were truths or lies.

Thanks to the reactions of those questioned, they could tell if a person was lying or telling the truth.. The curious thing about the case is that the accused made certain grimaces with his face that for the investigation team corresponded to the truth or a lie. In addition, they used to post photos of well-known people making similar gestures while telling a fact or an interpretation of it that had later been proven to be a lie.

It is evident that morphopsychology is a very useful scienceas it is an excellent means of knowing the motivations, personality or needs of the individual, including ourselves.

What morphopsychology is based on

Morphopsychology bases its study on different parts and attitudes that are observed in our face, ranging from the skeleton to the senses:

The skeleton itself is the framework that offers information about our face. Here you can get a first indication of a person’s expressive power and whether it is activated.The tone is the fuel that moves that gives power to the face. If there is excess or defect in tone, it will define the state we are in.Another distinctive feature is the modeling of the face, which indicates the capacity and level of adaptation of a specific person. Thanks to him you can recognize some of his attitudes.The senses inform the personality of the subject. The eyes, mouth or nose can show shy, extroverted, uncontrolled people, etc.

“He whose face does not radiate light will never be a star.”

-William Blake-

The study of the three areas of the face

Morphopsychology studies three specific areas of the face in which information is obtained. To do this, they differentiate them into three “brains”, which are the reptilian or instinctive, the emotional and the modern:

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The lower area of ​​the face would be the reptilian brain. The mouth, chin and jaw are located here. In it you can verify the primary instincts of the subject and his desire to fulfill himself, since it is linked to the endocrine nervous system.In the middle area we find the cheekbones, eyes and nose.. It corresponds to the limbic and vegetative system, where emotions are found, so it is related to affects.The upper area is the forehead, where we find the cranial boxand confers all kinds of information about the individual’s mentality and thought processes.

Definitely, There are three areas that represent digestive, respiratory and mental functions.so they connect with concrete, relational and abstract intelligences.

That is to say, Morphopsychology is the study of the face, a reflection of the soul, because through our face we show joy, need, excitement or sadness. We draw each emotion without being aware of it, so we can consider the face as the canvas on which we paint our emotional personality.

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