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Mojito: 15 delicious recipes for the famous Cuban drink

The mojito is a Cuban drink usually made with rum, lime juice and mint. Very refreshing, this drink will make you fall in love. Want to learn how to make this delight at home? Then check out the following list full of amazing mojito recipes.

1. Classic Mojito

How about starting with the classic mojito recipe? All you’ll need is rum, lime juice, sparkling water and mint. Just mix all the ingredients and add ice for the drink to be even more refreshing. Very easy and fast!

2. Mojito with lemon zest

To prepare this drink, remove the zest of a Tahiti lime and then cut it into 4 pieces. In a glass, add sugar, zest, mint leaves and lemon juice. After these steps, just add rum, sparkling water and plenty of ice. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Check out the full recipe.

3. Mojito with club soda

Another mojito option for you to delight. You will only need the juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 15 mint leaves, 50 ml of Bacardí, 25 ml of club soda and crushed ice. Check out all the tips in the video and learn how to do it at home!

4. Bacardi Mojito

How about learning how to make a mojito like a real pro? The recipe is original from Casa Bacardí and promises an incredibly delicious drink. In the video, in addition to the steps to make it, you also check out amazing tips to make your drink even better. Be sure to check it out!

5. Mojito with sugar syrup

In addition to preparing the drink, in the video you will also learn a technique that will help release the mint aroma so that the mojito is even better. The ingredients are: crushed ice, lime juice, rum, mint, club soda and sugar syrup.

6. Mojito

To make this drink, the ingredients are the same as in the previous recipes. However, the difference is in the quantity: you will prepare 1 liter of mojito that will be able to serve you and your friends at happy hour. Like the idea? Then check out the video!

7. Mojito with lime from Persia

This mojito option is perfect to enjoy at Carnival time, as it is refreshing and full of flavor. Check out the necessary ingredients: Persian lime, soda water, sugar syrup, mint leaves, sugar syrup and flavored rum. Check out the full recipe and prepare this drink at home!

8. Frozen mojito

Can you imagine enjoying a very refreshing and cold drink on hot days? This frozen mojito is the perfect option for the hot times of the year. What makes this recipe different from the others is the way it is prepared, which makes the drink look totally unique. Check out the whole step by step in the video and test it at home.

9. Alcohol-free Mojito

If you are having a party and want to please all the guests, the alcohol-free mojito is a great option, as even children can enjoy it. Write down the ingredients you need: hotelã (or mint), sparkling water, sprite, sugar and lemon juice. The drink may not even have alcohol, but it doesn’t leave anything to be desired in flavor.

10. Strawberry Mojito

Tired of traditional mojito recipes? Then this one will completely win you over. In addition to the traditional ingredients – rum, lime, sugar, sparkling water and mint – you will also need strawberries. It’s a true festival of flavors! Be sure to check out the step by step video.

11. Alcohol-free strawberry mojito

This is another non-alcoholic mojito option, however, here, made with strawberry. Place lemon juice, strawberries, granulated sugar and mint leaves in the glass. Stir well, preferably with a tamper, and add ice and lemon soda. Very easy!

12. Pineapple Mojito

You’ve already learned how to prepare the traditional strawberry mojito, and now it’s time to meet the pineapple mojito! You will need half a squeezed lemon, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 10 mint leaves, chopped pineapple, white rum and sparkling wine. Surprise yourself with the flavors of this magical drink!

13. Berries Mojito

This red fruit mojito will make your mouth water! Just take a look at the ingredients: lemon, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, sugar, ice, rum, mint and sparkling wine. It’s the perfect option to serve at parties, because, in addition to beautiful, it’s very tasty! Check out the step by step in the video and do it at home.

14. Sunset Mojito

At first, you will think that this recipe is the traditional mojito, but during the step by step you will add a special touch to the drink. After making your mojito, add pomegranate syrup to the sides of the glass to make the cocktail even more beautiful and delicious. In the video you can check out all the tips to prepare the recipe at home.

15. Mojito by Skol Beats

To finish off this selection, check out this double alcohol mojito option. In addition to rum, lemon juice, sugar and mint, you will also use Skol Beats. Have you ever had your mouth watering? So check out the step by step in the video and try it!

What do you think of the recipes in this selection? Always remember to drink in moderation and not to drive after drinking alcohol. Have fun safely and enjoy! Also check out delicious fruit cocktail recipes that will please the most diverse tastes.

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