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Lentil burger: 13 super-protein options that make your mouth water

The lentil burger is very popular with vegetarians, vegans and even meat eaters. That’s because lentils have several benefits, such as being super-protein, strengthening the immune system and prolonging satiety. So today we are going to show you options to prepare this delight!

1. Vegan lentil burger

How about a recipe for those who are vegan? With just a few ingredients, you can make a delicious hamburger. Just be careful not to get the lentil wet, as this can make the preparation difficult.

2. Lentil burger with fine herbs

If lentil burger is already good, imagine with fine herbs? The secret is not to save and put as many herbs as you prefer. Finally, serve the hamburger in a sandwich and your meal is guaranteed.

3. Pepper lentil burger

In this recipe you can put the lentils in a blender and beat until it becomes a flour. Practical, isn’t it? In addition, she is ideal for those who love pepper! So, to give your recipe a special touch, add ground pepper and black pepper.

4. Gluten-free and lactose-free lentil burger

Of course, we cannot forget those who are lactose and gluten intolerant. Here, you will need rice flour to replace regular flour. Finally, you can still add onion, water and salt to taste and enjoy with a delicious salad.

5. Lentil burger with wheat flour

For those who don’t have a problem with gluten, this recipe with whole wheat flour is perfect. The tip is to use the lentil already cooked and without water, so you don’t have any problems when you add the wheat to the mix. It even gets mouth watering!

6. Lentil burger with oatmeal

Here you will need rolled oats and rice flour. To cook the lentils you can use the pressure cooker, just remember to use a sieve to remove excess water. Shape the hamburgers so they are not too high and fry them all.

7. Lentil Burger with Cornmeal

How about changing the recipe? The suggestion is to make a hamburger with flocked cornmeal. In addition, you can change the method of preparation too: use a grill and use a rim to help shape the burgers. The result is a nutritious and tasty meal!

8. Lentil burger with cassava flour

You’ve already noticed that you can vary a lot in the ingredients of this recipe, right? That’s because you can use cassava flour to give this dish a special taste. Once ready, you can serve it in sandwiches with salads and various seasonings.

9.Lentil burger with carrots

Another way to prepare this dish is using carrots. Enjoy and add oatmeal, wholemeal flour and chia to have more fiber in your recipe. Again, you can use the rim to model the hamburger right in the skillet and make the recipe even more practical.

10. Lentil burger with flaxseed

For this option you will need some wholegrain bread and flaxseed to grind in a blender and mix with the lentils. Also, put all the seasonings you prefer and leave the flaxseed burger exactly the way you like it.

11. Lentil Burger with Mushrooms

Another delicious way to diversify this recipe! For this, you will need paris and shitake mushrooms, dry red wine and soy sauce, as well as oat flakes and the other traditional burger ingredients. The idea is to let the lentil soak in red wine and hot water with the other seasonings, and only then cook it.

12. Lentil burger with potatoes

Another awesome way to make lentil burgers is using potatoes. Just cook the lentils normally and, after draining, add them to the potatoes and seasonings. Knead everything very well and fry them all! Ah, in this recipe you still learn how to make a delicious French fries. So, you already have a full meal.

13. Lentil burger with yam

To give the lentil an even better flavor and improve the consistency of the dough, you can also use yams. Put the ingredients in a blender and then add the oatmeal. This recipe also teaches you how to make a delicious avocado mayonnaise to eat with your hamburger.

Did you see how many variations to make your burger tastier? Now just call who you love to taste! Enjoy and also learn how to make delicious sweet potato chips to complete the meal.

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