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How to increase passion in sex – 6 steps

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Raise the temperature of our sexual encounters, increase sensuality and making passion overflow, is something that many couples aspire to have in their intimate life. And fortunately achieving it is far from being impossible, quite the opposite, little changes They can make your intimacy become an episode worthy of the most erotic stories. You want to know how to increase passion in sex?, discover it at unComo.com.

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Steps to follow:

Passion goes hand in hand with our desire to explore and break the routine. If we always do the same thing, even when we do it with enthusiasm, there will come a time when the passion will diminish. That is why the first tip to increase it is to always be open to getting out of the sexual routine.

Practice new sexual positions, dedicate yourself to talking about your sexual fantasies and making those that are possible come true, see your body as a temple of pleasure that should be toured and exploited section by section. And above all, take your time to enjoy sex without rushing, without absurd demands, giving and receiving while enjoying contact with your partner.


We know that the moment of penetration is what many expect during the encounter. But erotic games are also important and fundamental, especially when you want to increase passion in sex. It is during foreplay that we indulge some fantasies, establish sexual roles and play with our bodies, which is why we have to make it as intense as possible.

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Don’t be afraid to please your partner and encourage him to tell you what he likes, what gives him the most pleasure, so that you can then give it to him and create an atmosphere of absolute sexual enjoyment.


Be bolder and Don’t just limit yourself to having sex in the bedroom. Any space in the house is delicious for a passionate encounter: the kitchen while preparing lunch, the sofa on a Sunday watching TV, and even on top of the washing machine to give a touch of domestic fantasy to the matter.

The fact that you have a lot of time together does not mean that you have lost the spirit of adventure, so make love outdoors, visit a hotel and try different things to give a wilder and more passionate touch to your encounters.


A fundamental key to having passionate sex is always be open to everything. Beyond those practices that do not make us feel comfortable, “No” should be used as little as possible when it comes to sex. Incorporate sex toys into your routine, vary it and make each encounter something different. The perfect lover is the one who manages to be many people in one, dare to exploit your different sexual personalities and enjoy it.


There’s a lot simple tools to incorporate into sex and that can make a really important difference by increasing passion. For example, having sex with a mirror placed sideways so that both can see each other helps increase morbidity and passion to unimaginable levels. Using sensual music during the encounter and following its rhythm in foreplay and penetration significantly increases pleasure during sex.

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The use of erotic lingerie in the case of women, simple sexual accessories such as a costume and even the incorporation of simple practices such as an erotic massage, can raise levels of sexual desire, making the moment of intercourse truly explosive. It’s worth a try.


Work to steadily increase sexual desire. This is achieved with frequent meetings, but also with the daily romp, provocation, insinuation, reading erotic literature and, of course, talking about sex. Eliminate sexual taboos from your life and encourage yourselves to discover and enjoy all the passion that is in you.

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