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How to do a perfect makeup: essential tips

Every woman knows that a makeup, as long as it is well done, has the power to make her look wonderful, highlighting the most beautiful in her face and disguising possible imperfections.

However, it is not always possible to go to a salon and count on the spectacular work of a professional makeup artist… Often, appointments come at the last minute; the budget for spending on beauty is reduced that month, among other reasons, and, finally, the only solution ends up being to “improvise” the makeup at home, before going out!

In addition, it is not just for weekend commitments and special occasions that women usually put on makeup. Many of them have the habit of producing themselves daily, to go to work, for example.

With that in mind, it is essential that they know how to apply makeup properly, whether for day to day, for an event or party.

But if you, despite being vain and love to leave the house well-groomed, still don’t know how to put on makeup, you’ll love the tips below. These are important and practical guidelines for any woman who wants to learn how to make perfect makeup!

1. Bet on a make-up course

Taking a self-makeup course is probably one of the most popular ways for women who want to learn how to apply makeup like professionals.

Flávia Regina Rotta da Silva, professor at Senac Rio Claro, explains that in a self-makeup course, the client can learn basic techniques for the correct application of essential products, tips for choosing the correct shade of foundation, powder and concealer, use of brushes, application of liquid eyeliner and basic color combinations to achieve a harmonious makeup.

But can every woman learn to apply makeup with a self-makeup course (even those who have never taken a risk in practice)?

“I do believe that every woman can learn to apply makeup. However, in a self-makeup course, she will learn the techniques, but only with constant practice will she improve”, highlights Flávia.

2. Practice makeup at home

Have you ever taken a makeup course?! Great, now the tip is: start doing different types of makeup at home, to perfect yourself.

And even if you haven’t taken a specific course, but have a foundation on how to put on makeup, the guideline is still “training”!

Laís Martinelli, blogger at Clube de Duas, says that she learned her first makeup steps by watching her mother put on makeup, using good old-fashioned eyeliner, a blush and mascara. “But then I felt the need to learn more, so I started looking on the internet. I started watching several tutorial videos on Youtube, party makeup and everyday makeup… I even learned how to glue eyelashes and do the cat eyeliner”, she says.

Laís says that she learned that the eyeliner used should be in gel, to “start the conversation”, because the liquid is an option only for the more experienced. “I trained a lot until I made this a normal makeup… I trained from the middle to the outside and, after the middle to the inside of the eye… If I went from one end to the other, I ended up making a very thick line at the end”, he says. “Anyway, I always took some time out of my day to train some things I learned on the internet. The secret is to train, take off, train again,” she adds.

Professional Flávia da Silva points out that the best way to train is not to leave it until you go out (that is, when you need your makeup to look good). “The time to train is when you’re at home, on a specific day, when you don’t have any commitments and you can experiment, innovate and also allow yourself to make mistakes, why not?! If it doesn’t look good, just remove the makeup and start again”, she guides.

3. Follow bloggers’ tips and tutorials

This is completed with the previous tip: a great alternative to train (and even to learn how to apply makeup) is to follow the guidelines and suggestions of bloggers who often make videos with step-by-step instructions on how to do certain makeups.

The options are numerous. But, one of the most famous beauty bloggers – who give tips and make tutorials showing how to put on makeup at a wedding – is, without a doubt, Júlia Petit, from Petiscos.

Camila Coelho, from Super Vaidosa, is also currently a reference for girls and women who want to learn how to apply makeup or, simply, who are looking for tips and makeup ideas for different occasions.

In the tutorial below, for example, the blogger teaches beginners how to prepare their skin for makeup.

Alice Salazar, from the Espelho Meu blog, has also become known for her many tutorials and general makeup tips.

But these are just three of the many bloggers that offer good tips and amazing tutorials (and usually in video) showing the step by step of how to make perfect makeup for the most varied occasions.

It is worth remembering that the guidelines available in the tutorials are not only intended for women who already know how to apply makeup relatively well, many bloggers make videos especially dedicated to beginners.

And the best?! All this at no cost! Just good will to access the blogs and videos and willingness to practice at home!

4. Bet on good products

Those who still don’t have the habit of putting on makeup at home may not know it, but good products make all the difference in the final result of a makeup.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to spend a lot of money on purchasing products. Most bloggers usually put in their tutorials and blog posts a list with the list of products used in a particular make, as well as product tips that they tested and found good (or bad), with different price ranges.

That way, it’s up to you to research and decide what type/brand of product you’re willing to buy. The only requirement is that the items chosen are of good quality, to avoid irritation and/or skin problems, in addition to other undesirable results. Check out some selections of good products to invest in:

It is also essential to choose products suitable for your type and in the ideal tone (never much lighter than your skin tone, for example). “When choosing a product, it is important to test it on the face. Many times, people end up testing it by hand and, when using it, they realize that the coloring is not good… This is due to the difference in color that we have in these parts of the body”, highlights Flávia, a professor at Senac.

5. Be aware of the tricks of those who understand makeup

As has already been highlighted, most bloggers give tips on good products and even teach some tricks when putting on makeup. It is always important to keep an eye on these guidelines.

Blogger Laís Martinelli, for example, says she likes to keep her skin “as natural as possible”, so she doesn’t use foundations or compact powder. “One trick I love when I want to make makeup better done, and last longer, is to use BB Cream before makeup, as it is a complete product and leaves the skin supernatural”, she says.

“I’m also a big fan of highlighter, it’s great to add touches of luminosity to the points you want to enhance on your face. And using the white pencil on the waterline is another trick I use to open up and light up my eyes”, adds Laís.

The blogger also says that she prefers to use bronzer instead of blush, “to make her makeup more natural and beachy, even in winter”.

“I also love a well-crafted mascara on the lashes. I usually don’t carry much makeup, but I say that this is a perfect combo: BB Cream, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and illuminator”, says Laís.

The blogger agrees that there are good, cheap and easy to find makeup products. “The BB Cream I use is from Maybelline, found in pharmacies and supermarkets; and my favorite mascara is the original L’oreal Voluminous, also easy to buy”, she concludes.

But, it is worth remembering that bloggers are not the only options: it is possible to get some important tips and makeup tricks, for example, with a makeup artist you trust or even with your friends who already have more practice. on the subject.

In other words, currently, no woman can leave the house with the excuse that she doesn’t wear makeup because she doesn’t know how to do it!

Investing in a self-makeup course, talking to people who already know how to apply makeup, in addition to following tips and videos from expert bloggers on the subject, are simple but super efficient ways for a woman to learn how to do perfect makeup!

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