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How to clean grout and keep your home more beautiful

In addition to leaving the kitchen, bathroom, and other environments in the house looking good, cleaning grout is essential to prevent the accumulation of fungi and germs, thus, a matter of hygiene and also of health care.

Most people know, however, that it is not always easy to keep the grout clean, with a “new face”. Even more so when it is of a light color, such as white and gray, for example, it can stain easily and make the room look dirty (even if it is not).

In the kitchen, for example, tiles and grout suffer from the grease that comes out during food preparation (even more so when they are fried); in the bathroom, they suffer from their own skin grease and cosmetic products.

However, some measures can be taken to avoid stains, mold and grease in the grout. First, Alexander Gonçalves, chemical engineer and Engineering Coordinator at Ceramfix Argamassas e Rejuntes, recommends always applying grouts that have anti-fungal and anti-mold action in their composition. “In the application, it is important to check beforehand if there is any concentration of humidity in the area where it will be applied”, he says.

Furthermore, according to Dario Holetz Junior, Technical Assistant at Ceramfix, it is important to periodically clean areas where there may be a possible concentration of grease, such as bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas and swimming pools.

Juliana Bellini, Operations Director at Clear Clean, explains that to avoid stains, grease and mold accumulation, it is necessary to keep the place ventilated and be careful with some products: “especially in the kitchen and bathroom, as with body oil, with soap, shampoo and conditioner residues, which can damage and change the color of the grout. When any residue falls into the grout, it is recommended to clean it right away, especially grease”, she highlights.

Home remedies to clean grout

With the help of some common ingredients in most Brazilian homes, such as vinegar and baking soda, it is possible to clean the grout well.

recipe with vinegar

  1. Apply clear alcohol vinegar all over the grout;
  2. Let it act for a few minutes (maximum 20) to soften the dirt. Vinegar cannot dry in the grout;
  3. Scrub the area with a cloth, sponge or brush, without using too much force;
  4. Rinse with clean water and dry the floor or wall surface.

baking soda recipe

  1. Make a mixture of baking soda and water;
  2. Moisten a clean cloth or a brush with the mixture and pass it on the grout;
  3. Rinse with clean water and dry the floor or wall surface.

It is worth remembering that these are homemade methods. If you want to take a chance, remember to test a small area first, after all, acidic products can cause damage.

How to clean ceramic grout

If your floor is ceramic, cleaning the grout is a simpler method. Check out the guidelines given by Juliana:

  1. Spray the specific product or homemade solution for this type of surface on the spot;
  2. Let the product act for a few minutes;
  3. Use a specific brush that reaches the grout, as sponges and brooms do not reach the surface. Use a small, fisted brush with hard bristles;
  4. Rinse with clean water and dry the floor or wall surface.

How to clean porcelain tile grout

Juliana explains that the technique is the same for ceramic floors, “however, as porcelain tile is porous, care must be taken with the product used, which can stain and even adhere to the chemical color if it is a product with a very strong color” .

“Ceramics have a protective film that porcelain tiles don’t have, so the latter can absorb grease and stain the floor, for example, if used in the kitchen. Therefore, whenever any residue falls, it must be cleaned immediately”, adds the director of operations at Clear Clean.

  1. Spray the specific product for porcelain tile (and that does not have a strong color) on the surface;
  2. Let the product act for a few minutes;
  3. Use a specific brush that reaches the grout, as sponges and brooms do not reach the surface. Use a small, fisted brush with hard bristles;
  4. Rinse with clean water and dry the floor or wall surface.

Post construction cleaning

Chemical engineer Gonçalves advises:

  1. Cleaning the grout must be done immediately after application (the time for each grout is described on the packaging);
  2. This cleaning is easy and should only be done using a slightly dampened foam;
  3. If cleaning is not done immediately after application and the grout dries on the piece, cleaning will only be effective with the use of grout cleaning products (there are several brands on the market). It is very important to read the instructions for each of these products.
  4. Special care must be taken with porous and non-slip floors, such as protecting the surface of the floor when grouting to avoid impregnation of the grout on the surface of the floor.

Products that should NOT be used for cleaning

For Juliana, when cleaning the grout, “acidic products or products that are not suitable for this function should not be used, and products with a strong coloring can stain the surface”.

Holetz Junior highlights that cleaning should be done with water and cleaning products. “Acidic products should not be used as they can harm the grout as it is cement-based”, he emphasizes.

The following should not be used yet: soap powder; waxes and shine-enhancing products; abrasive brushes; Bleach; acetone; caustic soda.

6 tips to keep grouts looking like new

Check out the main care you should have at home:

  1. Tile and grout cleaning should be done regularly to prevent them from getting grimy. Juliana recommends constant cleaning (daily or at least weekly if possible) and a biweekly deep cleaning.
  2. On a daily basis, in case of spills, try to clean them as soon as possible, to prevent the stains from becoming permanent.
  3. Let the sun into all damp areas of the house to prevent mold from taking hold.
  4. Keep the bathroom ventilated, especially right after showers, so mold and mildew don’t quickly settle on the tiles.
  5. After showers, keep the shower stall open to prevent the steam from forming mold on the grout.
  6. Always use specific products for cleaning tiles and grout and always read the instructions for use carefully.

Now you have the main guidelines for cleaning the grout and keeping the rooms in your home looking much cleaner and more beautiful.

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