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How safe are plastic bras?

How safe are plastic bras?

Believe it or not, these bras exist, and are widely used, despite their peculiar material.

Many of us are familiar with the interchangeable plastic straps we put on our bras; so far no problem. But, what if you found some bras entirely made of plastic? They exist and can be obtained in our country.

Plastic bras can be perfect for certain types of clothing that require total invisibility, however you must bear in mind that their material does not allow the skin to breathe normally, so sweat will accumulate and can irritate sensitive areas of your body, such as your nipples. Our recommendation is to use them only as long as necessary.

Another precaution you should take when using plastic bras is the weather. Excessive heat and exposure to direct light could cause this garment to become a lens that causes burns on your skin. They are definitely not the ideal bras for working out, much less for hot ground.

Matte plastic isn’t as clear (it’s translucent instead of transparent) so it’s going to be more noticeable against most people’s skin. The matte surface diffuses the light which gives it a more frosted or whitish appearance.

That may work ok for people with fairly pale skin but it will be noticeable against medium skin tones and may be glaring against darker skin tones. As annoying as the shininess is it is less noticeable against most skin tones.

Clear bra straps have their limitations. I’m sure some are better than others. But they aren’t going to function in the same way as fabric elastic straps. They simply can’t. With enough strain or tension, they will snap due to the material used and the thinness of it.

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Also, these straps are hooked onto bras that are either strapless or convertibles. Although most of the support from a bra comes the band, wires and cradle, straps are key in creating a solid foundation. This makes designing functional and supportive strapless or convertible bras very difficult to begin with. It’s a little bit of a crapshoot.

Would you wear a 100% plastic bra? Share this note and write us your opinion in the comments.

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