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Hairstyles for Festa Junina: tutorials and 35 photos to make it beautiful

Before going out putting on your plaid shirt and picking up the popcorn package, there is an important subject to think about: hairstyles for the June festival. After all, a self-respecting camp look needs to be neat from head to toe!

To help you in this mission, check out below 35 beautiful hairstyle inspirations for a June party, from very simple and classic proposals to some more elaborate and relaxed ones. Afterwards, watch the videos with step-by-step tutorials, explaining how to make some great ideas at home. Then, after all that, it’s just a matter of going in search of applesauce and fishing. Have a good time!

35 photos of hairstyles for a June party that will win your heart

Whether you are a redneck with short or long hair, curly, curly or straight, colored or not: there are many ideas to differentiate yourself in the celebration of São João. See below some of the coolest hairstyles.

1. There are several possibilities of hairstyles for June parties

2. Going from the most classic cornrows

3. Even more elaborate versions

4. With creative ideas for short hair

5. Long hair

6. And not forgetting the curly and curly locks

7. A hairstyle that is always cool is the pigtail

8. Both in long hair

9. As for the shorts

10. Another popular hairstyle at São João parties: cornrows

11. The braid can be embedded and gain an extra charm

12. And with the help of a wire, it gains special shapes

13. It is worth braiding the hair only on the top of the head

14. Braid with a ponytail, to get away from traditional looks

15. This proposal brings thicker and thinner braids in the same hairstyle

16. Want to innovate? Make a more relaxed side braid

17. Bet on a half-up and half-down hairstyle

18. Or something even more modern, like double buns

19. Don’t forget to pay attention to details

20. They make all the difference

21. After all, accessories are very welcome in Festa Junina hairstyles

22. Like colored ribbons

23. Look how cute

24. Hair clips in different colors add a special touch

25. As well as miniature tiaras and hats

26. Beautiful hairstyle and powerful make-up: success for sure

27. Here, colored ribbons bring a differential to the hairstyle

28. Stylish alternative for curly hair

29. Looking for party hairstyles for long hair? Look this!

30. The hairstyle for the June party can also match the clothes

31. How about leaving the wires loose?

32. It’s wonderful to talk, isn’t it?

33. Whatever hairstyle you choose, the idea is to have as much fun as possible

34. And there’s definitely no shortage of inspirations to do well in the camp

35. Did you leave the June party?

Can the countdown to the next June party begin? Hit a will here, huh?

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Hairstyles for June party with step by step

Did you like the inspirations and want to learn how to make some hairstyles for a June party at home? Watch the videos below, which have a detailed step-by-step.

Party hairstyles for curly hair

With creativity and in a few minutes it is possible to make beautiful hairstyles for a party in short and curly hair. In the video, Joyce Lima presents three ideas for those who want to make the arraiá look beautiful.

Wire patterned braid

For both kids and adults, the wire-patterned braid looks amazing and helps create a fun look for Saint John’s celebrations. For this hairstyle, you need to use a copper wire or wire the same length as your hair. Watch the video step by step.

Quick hairstyles for straight hair

To create beautiful São João hairstyles on straight hair, the tip is to have transparent elastics, the famous liguinhas. They are used in the three ideas presented by Amanda Branciforte – which are so versatile that they match even everyday productions. Play!

Boxer braid with ribbons

Here the hairstyle is more challenging, it is worth asking for the help of a friend who understands everything about hair. The famous boxer braid, which is embedded in the head, is decorated with colored ribbons that give a very special touch to the look. You will love!

With so many wonderful options, it’s even difficult to choose which one to try first… How about one for each June party you go to?

To complete the look, don’t forget to pay attention to your outfit. See 70 photos and tutorials of a festa junina skirt and start getting ready!

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