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Hair mass replenisher: ask your questions and see product tips

Is your hair dull, brittle and lifeless? It may be necessary to replace proteins, keratins and amino acids. A hair mass repositor can be a good way out!

Want to know how to do this? So, continue with us! We separate all the doubts and tips on the subject for you.

Frequently asked questions about hair mass replenisher

We interviewed hairdresser Bruno Dantte, an expert on the subject, who answered the main doubts about hair mass replacement. Check it out!

What is hair mass? Hair mass is the name given to the matter that forms the structure of the hair, that is, what makes up the hair.

What is the hair mass replenisher? Dough replacers are products that have the ability to return the yarn structure. The mass is lost due to damage caused to the hair, such as chemicals, discoloration or just dryness due to lack of care.

Why do hair mass replacement? It is important to maintain a healthy thread and, above all, to avoid breaking the hair fiber, also known as breakage.

How often should hair mass replacement be performed? Depends on the need for each wire. In extreme cases, every week or every 15 days. On normal roads, once a month is enough.

Are there contraindications for hair mass replacement? Prefer replacements based on vegetable proteins or phyto keratins, which replace the mass without stiffening the fiber too much, avoiding loss of flexibility, especially in naturally curly and frizzy hair.

Also clarify your doubts about hair reconstruction to have beautiful, healthy and full of life hair!

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Where to buy hair mass replenisher

We made a selection of the main products used in hair mass replacement and where to buy them. Look that!

  1. Novex Mass Replacement Treatment Cream, at Embelleze
  2. Forever Liss SOS Anti-Rubber Hair Rebuilder, at Shop dos Cabelos
  3. Hair Mass Replacement and Keratin Gold Black Amend, at Amend Cosméticos
  4. Bioextratus Spécialiste Resgate Mask Replacement Treatment Mask, at Drogaria Minas-Brasil
  5. Imported Living Restore Polux Hair Mass Replacement, at Mercado Livre
  6. Truss Net Mask, at Mercado Livre

If you want more product tips, don’t miss the experience and reviews thread below, full of ideas for you!

Experiences and Reviews

Want more information about hair mass replacement? See the videos we selected on the subject!

5 hair mass replenishing masks

Blogger Julia Doorman from the Cabelos de Rainha channel gives tips on products to use to replace hair mass, such as the replacement of the Morte Súbita line and the Whey fit cream.

The best replacement masks

Bia Siqueira from the Ficando Gata channel objectively gives more product tips to use in hair mass replacement. Some of them are: Skala’s cashew mask, Forever Liss’s UTI and Yenzah’s Amino Whey.

Repositories you need to know

Carol Kyoko made a selection of the 5 best products for hair mass replacement, also giving a tip for more than a very cheap product. Before presenting the products, she explains in a very didactic way what causes the need for replacement.

Did you like to learn more about hair mass replacement? So, learn how to moisturize your hair and have more beautiful hair every day!

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