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15 ways to make someone smile when their day isn’t going well

Share: Sadly, sadness is just a very natural part of life. While many people may feel that being sad is uncomfortable, it is perfectly natural. Sadness is an emotional reaction to an unfortunate event that may occur in your life. But do you know how to make someone feel better? There’s nothing wrong with being sad about something. You might ...

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Self Help Files

Self Confidence Phases to Attract Achievements and Accomplishments into Your Life Security is often defined by the absence of risk. However, we know that security is not just a feeling, but a lifestyle characterized by trust. To achieve a goal, whatever it may be, you must trust yourself… 80 Self Confidence Phrases – Attract Achievements and Accomplishments! Read more “ ...

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5 Reasons Toxic People Only Intensify Your Anxiety

Share: 1. They only bring you down Toxic people want others to feel exactly how they feel. Unhappy and miserable, just to name a few. Intentionally or not, they will bring you down with hurtful comments, constant sarcasm, derogatory statements, and passive-aggressive behavior. They may claim they’re joking or that you’re too sensitive, but your gut knows better. Negative words ...

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6 tips to win back an old (and unforgettable) love

Share: Love can be complicated many times, and many of us have those loves that are still present in our lives, but we don’t know how to get them back and that’s why we want to help you make it possible. When love is reciprocated, we must fight for it regardless of obstacles and here on the blog .com.br we ...

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Letter to my ex boyfriend

Share: As strange as it may seem, this time I won’t introduce myself anymore, but finally say goodbye. Do you remember that girl you met? Finally, she and I are reunited, and even better than the last time… happier, smiling, authentic, fun, humble, lazy, fighting, charming, brave, EVERYTHING that makes her unique… ALL that I am. Don’t think that I ...

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18 Moments I Wish My Boyfriend Had With Me

Share: I would love to have all these moments with my boyfriend, because love lives in the details. Well… there are moments that I’ve even had with him, but why not repeat them? I would love for my bae to have no problem doing these things to me: 1. That he would carry me on his back when I couldn’t ...

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