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Letter to my ex boyfriend


As strange as it may seem, this time I won’t introduce myself anymore, but finally say goodbye.

Do you remember that girl you met? Finally, she and I are reunited, and even better than the last time… happier, smiling, authentic, fun, humble, lazy, fighting, charming, brave, EVERYTHING that makes her unique… ALL that I am.

Don’t think that I hate you or that I’m going to forget you… I just don’t love you anymore.

I’m not going to talk about myself anymore, you know me and you know who I am. I have a lot to thank you for finding me again.

I finally write this letter, because only now I feel capable of it, I don’t blame you for anything, you did what you had to do and I know that everything I did was for you too. Everything we went through will always stay in my memory, in my memories, nothing in life happens by chance, and yes you were a good thing that happened, but just like everything is fleeting and so were you.

I will never ask you back, I will never tell you that it was your fault, I will never judge you again, I will simply wish you from my heart everything I wish for myself, and please, this is my only and last request BE HAPPY, but be authentic, don’t let anyone hurt you, go to the fight, learn to be well with yourself, learn to smile, love, play, dream yes because dreaming is good, take care of yourself, you can do it, and I I believe in you…

I know that one day we will cross paths…

From your ex-girlfriend with all the affection, love and happiness in the world.

Vera Lucia Heleno

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