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Fern: 70 decorating ideas and how to care for this imposing plant

Very present in the homes of Brazilians, the fern is a plant that, increasingly, has been escaping from outdoor areas and appearing in interior decoration. By ensuring a lighter environment, it can be combined in both rustic and modern decorations.

If you are considering the possibility of having a fern in your home, just keep reading and check out 70 beautiful inspirations, in addition to, of course, learning to take care of this graceful plant.

70 ways to use fern in decoration

Still out of ideas on how to insert the fern into the decor? You will notice, with the list below, that there are several ways to do this!

1. The fern is an imposing plant

2. Wherever you place it, it will enhance the decor

3. It can be suspended, attached to macrame holders

4. Or be installed behind your neutral-toned furniture

5. It is a plant that everyone likes and adapts to its growth

6. In addition, the fern can make a difference in the style of the home

7. On the shelf, it brings color to the room in gray tones

8. And industrial-style environmental comfort

9. In the kitchen, a pair of ferns guarantees purity and freshness

10. In vintage style, they are paramount

11. How about some green in the coffee corner?

12. And on that neutral shelf in the living room?

13. The plant stars in the monochromatic environment

14. In outdoor areas, there is no mistake: she is very welcome!

15. Fern matches many decor styles

16. From the rustic, in dark and woody tones

17. Even the most modern and neutral

18. How about adding an extra touch to the bookcase?

19. And a green to the predominant earth tones?

20. Among so many plants, the fern stands out for its elongated leaves

21. It can be installed at medium heights for easy care

22. But up there, the plant guarantees its grandeur

23. Next to other smaller plants for a more natural environment

24. Big, green and majestic for the dark bookcase

25. By joining several ferns, you guarantee a flawless natural extension

26. How about the idea of ​​installing the plant over a decorative barrel?

27. More convenience and comfort in the barbecue area

28. A fern and an Adam’s rib in the same environment? He can!

29. A good idea is to use tall furniture to accommodate the plant

30. Lights and touches of green for an amazing balcony

31. On the balcony, she is comfortable and also brings comfort

32. Here, the floor plan lends elegance to the Scandinavian-style room

33. And, here, a lively and cheerful color to the burnt cement

34. You can improvise the way you hang your fern

35. The contrast of the lively tone with the sobriety of the room is impeccable

36. There are several types of supports for this plant

37. In addition to making watering easier, it is also very stylish

38. On top of the bookcase to improve the appearance of the room

39. If combined with other plants, it forms a beautiful outdoor corridor

40. You also have the option of placing it on a counter

41. The simplicity of the decoration is not compromised with the plant

42. In the outdoor areas, the fern guarantees an inspiring view

43. And a lot of comfort for living areas

44. Fern, maranta and cactus: a trio that brings a LOT of elegance

45. Look how amazing the green touch in this particular library

46. ​​The blueprint is great for creating dashboards

47. From above, it stands out among the others

48. In the home office, it promotes convenience

49. And, when she was little, she asked for a simple decoration

50. Here, it contributes to the necessary comfort of a rest in the hammock

51. In retro decor, she is exceptional

52. And it can disguise the appearance of the pipes on the outside of the house

53. She stands out when white predominates

54. With a targeted light, it looks even more elegant at night

55. The fern can appear discreetly in the decoration

56. Or compose a vertical garden that will never go unnoticed

57. One idea is to use it to decorate the area under the stairs

58. Or, why not, the top of the fridge?

59. It makes the environment much more cozy

60. And keep the modern even more modern

61. How about installing the plant in the niches of the TV shelf?

62. The important thing is that you realize the versatility of the fern

63. Because it matches the contemporary

64. With the vintage

65. About tall bookshelves

66. On top of the rack

67. Or scattered on the mobile

68. At the end of the day, the fern is perfect for all styles

69. For bringing ideal comfort to the environment

70. After all, who doesn’t like a green decoration, right?

With so many inspirations, you’ve certainly imagined your corner with a beautiful fern, right? But attention: like any plant, it also requires certain specific care, which involves from positioning to watering and pruning.

Fern: how to care

  1. Study the location: the ideal is to place the fern in a strategic point that receives only indirect light. Direct sunlight can damage the foliage, as well as drying out your soil, which should always be moist.
  2. Maintain moisture: As stated, the plant requires soil and an environment with adequate levels of moisture. A tip is, from time to time, to accommodate her in the bathroom, as it is a humid place and a pleasant temperature. But remember that it also requires good lighting!
  3. Water regularly: Watering should be regular in order to keep the soil always moist. When in doubt, feel the soil of the plant to see if it is wet or dry. Be careful not to get soaked – the ideal is always to keep the balance.
  4. Pluck dead branches: try to investigate if there are loose or dead branches in the fern. If so, remove them carefully so as not to damage the rest of the plant. This is important for her to keep her nutrients active to grow in a healthy way.
  5. Fertilize: a valuable tip is to fertilize the fern once a month. There’s no need to exaggerate, as she just needs a sufficient amount of nutrients to keep herself imposing and grow even more.
  6. Change the pot: the fern needs space to grow. So watch it grow carefully so when the pot gets too small you can move it to a bigger and more comfortable one.

Ready! Now there are no more excuses for you not to rush to acquire the most beloved plant in Brazilian homes. You will see how easy it is to care for and how it will bring more love to the decor.

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