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Discover the Victoria’s Secret products that Brazilian women love

As one of the most sought after brands by Brazilian women in the United States, Victoria’s Secret is the best-known lingerie brand in the world and desired by women of all nationalities.

The brand was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond in the United States and already has more than a thousand stores in its country of origin! The store’s name was inspired by Queen Victoria of England, so the free translation of the brand name is “Victoria’s Secret”.

When the business started, the brand had a small store in the state of Ohio that only had a line of underwear, but with time and business growth, new products were added to its line, such as pajamas, beauty line. , clothing and accessories.

Its rapid expansion took place with catalog sales, which soon reached all corners of the country and a great example of the brand’s popularity was in 2007, when it won a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The brand presents its annual fashion show in the month of December, it is a great event shown in about 200 countries that always counts on the presence of artists of great visibility worldwide such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, but the big stars of the night are the “angels”.

The featured models parade with wings and are called angels.

Reaching this rank is considered to be the peak of a model’s career. Several Brazilians have already occupied this “position”, such as Gisele Bündchen, Alessandra Ambrósio and Adriana Lima, these models in evidence wear the most desired bras in the show, known as “fantasy bra” (fantasy bra), studded with rubies and diamonds, valued at about 2 million dollars.

The 7 VS lines worth knowing


Underwear were the first products to be sold in its stores and are the brand’s flagship to this day. The big difference, especially for Brazilian women, is the possibility of choosing a bra based on the measurement of the chest and the measurement of the cup, which provides a perfect fit between the bra and the body. It is always possible to find panties with the same prints as the bras and the brand offers many different prints of the same model and different models for the same print, ranging from larger panties to thong.


Like lingerie, bikinis can be purchased in separate pieces. There are infinite models and prints for you to choose what looks best for your body type and makes you more comfortable. Some cultural differences can be noticed in this line of products, such as, for example, some tops that are blouses, but with bikini fabric and panties that are bigger than Brazilians are used to, but the variety of colors and prints is worth it. the purchase.


In this line you can find from pajamas with cute and extremely comfortable prints to sexy nightgowns full of lace and transparency. Slippers are also available, both for the cold and for the heat, robes and robes, including silk ones, just like the ones the angels wear in the fashion shows. In the pajamas area it is also possible to buy separate pieces and combine them as you see fit.

Fitness Line

The fitness aspect is made up of clothes such as tops, leggings, t-shirts and sports panties, which are bigger and more comfortable for physical exercises. It also has accessories for physical activities: gym bags, socks, thermoses and hair bands.

Clothing and accessories

A variety of clothing styles can be found at Victoria’s, from comfortable yoga wear, such as a variety of hoodies, to beachwear, such as bathing suits and lightweight fabrics. Accessories include footwear, mainly focused on winter boots and sneakers, toiletry bags, bags, belts to reduce measurements and tights.


Probably the cosmetics department is the biggest inside a Victoria’s Secret store, as there are countless items, with different colors, textures and fragrances. The division starts with perfumes, going through skin care products, such as moisturizers, bath oils and liquid soaps.

The beauty accessories have different models and colors of toiletry bags and also makeup brushes. The makeup line is complete with products for skin, eyes and mouth, and also has nail polishes in different colors. The brand has a line based only on tanning, which can be instant in sprays, mousse or cream, and also spray tans. The hair line, one of the most desired of the brand, has shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel and shine sprays.


Pink is a “sub-brand” of Victoria’s Secret that is also known as “Pink Nation” or “Pink Planet” and is aimed at young people, between 18 and 25 years old. This line of the brand was launched in 2004, but it only joined the annual fashion show in 2006 and today has equal importance to the main line launched previously, having counted on the Brazilian Alessandra Ambrósio as one of its ambassadors. In addition to the line of products that Victoria’s has, Pink also has a line of accessories, bedding and a line with university products. The great differential of this young line is the colorful and fun packaging, which is constantly updated and renewed.

The products that bloggers love and recommend

Check out what some of the Brazilian bloggers thought of the VS products they tested on their blogs and Youtube channels:

How to buy at the best prices

In any tourist city in the United States, it is very common to see Brazilians carrying pink-striped bags, because for us, unfortunately, there is still the best place to buy Victoria’s Secret products at the lowest prices.

In outlets, and even in regular stores, there are “Pay 2, get 3” promotions that greatly reduce the value of the product, especially if the intention is to buy in larger quantities. The values ​​and the large number of options certainly explain how much Portuguese is heard in the brand’s stores.

Brazilians can buy branded items through the official website, but there are restrictions, beauty products and fragrances cannot be shipped to Brazil. Above all, the value of international shipping must be considered.

If the destination of the trip is not Uncle Sam’s land, Victoria’s products can be found in “duty free”, which are duty free stores in airports and prices are very similar to those practiced in the United States, adding around 2 or 3 dollars worth of each item.

Products with the same prices can be purchased at stores in Ciudad del Este, the border city between Brazil and Paraguay, the place to buy is an excellent alternative for those visiting Foz do Iguaçu.

The most desired products of the brand

Even if you can’t go abroad to buy the brand’s products, you can find ways to buy them right here in Brazil, through e-commerce. In the gallery below you can see where to find the most purchased products by Brazilian women and that can enhance your look.

Brands that have VS-like products

Several international brands have products similar to those of Victoria’s Secret, but the Brazilian ones also do not disappoint. Opting for national brands can be a good alternative to find equally fragrant products faster and easier, directly at the store.

After knowing the main products of the brand and also knowing which bloggers recommend, you can choose which one to buy, what to do to buy at better prices or even find similar products from Brazilian brands.

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