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Discover the ideal shade of blonde for your hair

Women love to change the style. And when they think about it, the first thing they turn to is their hair, whether for a new cut or a new color. Blonde tones are preferred on the streets and in salons. But whoever thinks that they only match the lightest skins is wrong. “This has nothing to do with it”, says hairstylist Viviane Siqueira, from Pierre Louis Coiffeur, in Rio de Janeiro.

“You just have to choose the right shade and the best technique, according to your skin type and haircut. Even those with lighter skin need to know what looks best, as the blonde should brighten the face and not erase it. For brunettes who want to become blondes, I suggest they start with some kind of lock to lighten the strands little by little and adapt to the new color”, says Viviane.

In all cases, the first step is to bleach the strands, and then color them again. As in any chemical process, the hair ends up being harmed.

“The bleaching process always affects the hair a little, so the professional must be very well chosen, so that the procedure is done correctly, letting the products act at the right time on the hair, in order to damage as little as possible. For those who are coloring at home, it is necessary to pay close attention to the instructions and always respect the time of the chemistry in the hair”, he guides.

get the tone right

There is no fixed rule, but different nuances of color that value the appearance more, according to each skin tone:

  • For pale skin: light or very light iridescent blonde and pearl blonde.
  • For rosy skin: very light ash blonde, very light deep gray or golden ash.
  • For more yellowish skin: light golden blonde, natural golden or dark golden.
  • For light brown skin: cool natural light or dark blonde.
  • For dark brown skin: light blonde or dark coppery gold and dark iridescent gold.
  • For mulatto or black skin: ash blonde, deep gray dark blonde or ash dark blonde.

Know each technique

In addition to tonalities, there are also different techniques that create various effects. One of the best known are the lights, suitable for those who want a light lightening at the ends. “They can be done on any type of hair and are more discreet, thinner, and are usually not so light, being able to emphasize the contour of the face to enhance and illuminate it”, explains the hairstylist.

Also very well known, balayage is the perfect technique for women who are tanned and do not give up the sun. A combination of warm and cool blondes is made, in strands scattered randomly in the hair.

Another technique that is on the rise is the Californian locks, in which the root is excluded and the strands are pulled from the middle to the ends, marking the blonde locks well to give a sunburned effect. They are ideal for highlighting the cut and accentuating the movement and can have a more subtle effect, such as the so-called sunkiss, for those who just want to lighten the ends, or the ombré hair, in which the locks are lightened in different shades of blonde.

Similar to Californian highlights, Texan highlights are done only along the length of the hair, but also excluding the root. “The application makes a gradient, starts stronger at the ends and goes up the wires, but the blonde can also be more marked throughout the length of the lock, it will depend on how the client wants it”, he explains.

Learn to take care of blonde hair

After conquering the dreamed color, care needs to be constant so that the wires remain beautiful. The hair stylist’s tip is to hydrate a lot, always. “I recommend using products for bleached hair and protecting the strands when exposed to the sun, with a hat and sunscreen. It is good to treat in the salon and do reconstruction at least once a month. And for 15 days, moisturize at home, with a good treatment mask”, she concludes.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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