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Crochet rugs bring the beauty of craftsmanship to the decoration of any environment

Crochet is a well-known type of craft and can have several applications to decorate the house. In the case of rugs, they can present simple, complex points, forming designs and even different sizes to suit the different environments of the house.

80+ environments with inspiring crochet rugs

Crochet rugs transform your home into a more cozy environment. They adapt well to rustic, vintage, colorful and even vintage environments. Check out a selection of charming images below to get inspired and join the crochet rug in your home decor:

Photo: Reproduction / Huhuu 4 home
Photo: Playback / Handy Crafter
Photo: Playback / Handy Crafter

How to make crochet rug at home

For those who like and have a talent for craftsmanship, making crochet rugs at home is a way to decorate the house with something that is your face. In addition to using the rugs in your decoration, it is also possible to guarantee an extra income with the sale.

Some crochet rugs are very simple to make and it is possible to learn without leaving home, watching some videos with the techniques. Below we list some tutorials, starting with the simplest and then some more complex ones for those who already have experience with crochet. Check out:

Easy crochet rug by Edileuza de Paula

The video shows in detail from the materials needed, to how to make each stitch. It’s a video for those who are still beginners in crochet. All steps are shown in the video for better understanding.

Easy Round Crochet Rug by Cidinha Crochet

A little more advanced than the previous tutorial, but still very simple for beginners. The video shows a complete step by step of a round rug for you to follow and make a simple and beautiful crochet piece.

Heart treadmill rug by Shylla Gavioli

Also for intermediate level, this carpet is ideal for a romantic decoration. It can be made in different sizes, following the order of the stitches.

Crochet square rug by Vanda C. Cardoso

The video shows the complete step by step of a more complex rug, therefore, ideal for those who already mastered crochet.

Online stores for you to buy the crochet rug of your dreams

For those who don’t have a lot of talent with string, don’t have time or don’t want to risk it yet, one option to have a beautiful crochet rug is to buy it on the internet. In addition to purchasing a unique piece, you will be contributing to the work of artisans. Check below where to buy beautiful crochet rugs:

Crochet rugs certainly add a special touch to the decoration of any environment that is inserted. Regardless of the style of decoration, the crochet rug (string) can always be part and complement. There are many options, with different colors, sizes and types of stitches to give a handmade touch to your home decor.

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